FEPE OOH News 21st March 2019

FEPE OOH News 21st March 2019


Global; JCDecaux connects with global Business Decision Makers with its new study 'Airports: Open for Business'

JCDecaux S.A., the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, has unveiled its latest research in a series of global studies exploring key audiences at the airport.

The ‘Airports: Open for Business’ study is the largest of its kind focusing on a difficult-to-reach target audience for advertisers. With a sample, drawn from 12 major markets, the study focuses exclusively on senior and C-suite executives who are the Business Decision Makers (BDM’s) for their companies and delivers critical insight into communication with this vital group for B2B advertisers.

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UK: Digital advertising firm Ocean Outdoor posts profits boost amid expansion plan

The company behind major public advertising spaces such as Piccadilly Circus has posted impressive growth in its first full-year results since its London float in January.

The figures come after a significant year for Ocean, which merged with acquisition vehicle Ocelot Partners in a £200m deal.

The company also acquired rival Forrest Media for roughly £32m, adding 77 new locations to its portfolio in Scotland.

Chief executive Tim Bleakley told City A.M. it had been an “absolutely full-on 12 months for the team” and said he was “super delighted” the firm had managed to drive growth amid significant operational changes.

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Switzerland: APG SGA : |SGA preparing for the future

APG|SGA to rely on a one-brand strategy and expand its digital and data areas as well as adapt the company structure and downscale the Executive Board accordingly

As part of its market strategy, APG|SGA is making a long-term investment in its performance capability. Its goal is to safeguard its position as market leader in the analogue and digital Out of Home media market for the long term in a rapidly changing environment. To this end, APG|SGA will focus on a one-brand strategy and optimize the company structures. The employees and activities of the APG|SGA segment brands will be integrated into the core business as of 1 June 2019 to enable comprehensive one-stop services to be offered to all market partners.

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Sweden: These Digital Billboards are designed to combat commuters anxiety

There's more awareness than ever these days of stress and mental anxiety--but could outdoor media help to fight it?

That's the idea behind an "emotional art gallery" running on digital billboards on Stockholm's Metro system. In a bid to combat commuter stress, media owner Clear Channel Sweden developed a campaign whose images change in real time based on the emotions of passers-by, using publicly available data.

It relies on a bespoke algorithm that analyzes data within Google searches, social media, news articles and travel traffic information to interpret if people are likely to be feeing sad, anxious, tired, stressed, irritated or afraid. 

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Netherlands: Why do so many dooh campaigns still fall short?

“DOOH needs to break free from its traditional roots.”

While we in the industry know that digital out-of-home has become so much more than the traditional print roadside billboard, it would seem that many creative agencies, brands and media buyers have yet to get the memo. Oskar Op de Beke, creative lead at Kinetic Worldwide, is on a mission to change this.

Oskar moderated our Broadsign Summit creative panel at ISE this year, where he, Keith Nilsen from voodooh, and Ric Albert from Grand Visual, discussed the importance and future of dynamic and creative campaigns in the digital out-of-home industry. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out their panel, and read our Q&A below, where we turned the tables and asked Oskar a few questions of our own.

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USA: Urging the ad world to 'Get Out of Home'

Today’s advertising creatives and media planners grew up with the internet in the palm of their hands. They get digital media and push it forward. But some ideas are too big to stay trapped online. Bold ideas need a bold platform…

To drive home OOH’s relevance in today’s digital world, the out of home (OOH) advertising industry in the Unites States launched a new campaign in September 2018 to inspire and excite the ad industry about OOH’s power, value, and significance.

The Get Out of Home campaign, created by Publicis New York, highlights how the medium competes with and complements online and mobile advertising. The goal is to spark conversation about how today’s responsive, engaging OOH medium can elevate any idea, creating magnetism and distinction.

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USA: OOH Could Double Share Of Marketing Spend By 2025

n the past decade, billboards and outdoor advertising have gone through a renaissance of sorts. While ad spending on other traditional media continues to decline, out-of-home (OOH) spend continues to see incremental growth.

OOH isn’t just for billboards anymore. It’s how brands interact with consumers visually when they’re out of their house. From billboards and media placed in every location imaginable, to digital kiosks and displays at gas stations, sporting events and coffee shops along your daily commute, there is more OOH inventory than ever before.

Today, the average consumer spends more than 70% of her time outside the home, and the demand for OOH and DOOH continues to accelerate, according to WARC Data. OOH is becoming a crucial channel for brands looking to connect people, especially younger consumers.

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USA: Times Square is about to get a new 46-story tower that is basically a giant LED billboard on one side

Contractors have started work on a project that will light up New York’s Times Square even more.

TSX Broadway, as it is known, will be a “branded beacon,” 46 floors of retail, entertainment and accommodation. The building, on the corner of 47th Street at Broadway and Seventh Avenue, currently houses a DoubleTree Hilton hotel and the landmark Palace Theatre, which will be restored and lifted 30 feet to accommodate an experiential retail outlet.

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USA: PJ Solomon on why it's good to be in the out of home business.

Here’s a great infographic on why it’s good to be in the out of home business.  Insider took this form PJ Solomon’s March 2019 Media Monthly.  Insider thanks Mark Boidman for permission to reprint.  Boidman’s team advised Total Outdoor on the sale of Total’s Seattle assets to Pacific Outdoor in December 2018.

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Canada: The Future Is Now: 'The future of digital signage'

I had the pleasure of interviewing Burr Smith — chairman, president and CEO at Broadsign. Burr is highly involved in the digital signage industry and an active member of FEPE as well as the DPAA (Digital Place-Based Advertising Association) board. Burr has a keen eye for identifying trends that move the digital out-of-home industry forward.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

Business has been my family’s passion for generations. It all started with my grandfather who was the CEO of a large American grocery chain. He was the first in our family with a spark for entrepreneurship, and from there, the fire grew, and we now have a multi-generational business with 24 family members involved.

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Australia: QMS Sport Study: On-Ground Sports Hoardings 12% More Effective

To-market Neuro-Insight research study to scientifically validate the effectiveness of advertising within live sport broadcasts across four of its major sporting codes.

Neuro-Insight is universally recognised as a valid indication of advertising effectiveness and measures the brain’s subconscious and emotional responses to provide a direct correlation of real time behaviour free of outside influence. This is determined by measuring the four key pillars of Memory Encoding, Engagement, Attention & Emotional intensity.

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Australia: Top 12 OOH Campaigns Named In oOh!'s $2M Unmissable Awards

Twelve campaigns that effectively integrated native content with oOh!media’s network are up for a share of more than $2 million worth of media in the Out of Home leader’s Unmissable Awards.

The Awards will be announced on Thursday, March 21 in Sydney following judging by a panel of experts including the CMOs of some of Australia’s leading brands, industry heavyweights and a leading marketing academic.

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Australia: Cactus develops SmartSkins for billboards

Wide format print specialist Cactus Imaging has developed a new environmentally friendly printing option for its outdoor advertising banners with the substrate able to be turned into high grade polymer products like park benches and bollards when no longer needed.

The SmartSkins technology is a world-first and was developed in conjunction with Cactus Imaging’s parent company oOh!media, the company says.

Cactus Imaging’s general manager Nigel Spicer says the company has invested heavily in developing an environmentally friendly printing option for out of home advertising to reflect the demands of Australian advertisers to be more sustainable.

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New Zealand: Study: JCDecaux Billboards Have Greater Impact

JCDecaux has released results from a new eye-tracking study in New Zealand that confirms its large format billboards outperform competitors’ formats and sites and deliver strong brand recall for advertisers.

Conducted by eye-tracking company AccessHQ in Auckland, the study was designed to address advertiser concerns regarding the viewability of different media channels, in this case, outdoor formats and their ability to attract audience attention.

Participants in the study wore scientifically developed, discreet eye-tracking glasses to record their eye movements as they were driven along two different commuter routes.

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Senegal: Pikasso Senegal Acquires the Panels of Doni SA.

Pikasso Senegal announced today that it has acquired the panels and locations of Doni, the 3rd OOH advertising company of Senegal.

The agreement consists in transferring the panel assets to Pikasso Senegal. The 16 employees of Doni concerned by the OOH activity have joined the existing team.

The agreement includes the acquisition of 1,220 faces of 6m2 and 4x3 formats as well as Large Format panels (Portraits, Unipoles, Rooftops, Walls, Gantries and Bridges) located throughout Senegal: in the 18 districts of the Capital Dakar, in 16 towns of the suburbs of Dakar and in 41 cities and towns of 11 regions.

Thanks to its exemplary political stability, Senegal is one of the most important economic poles of West Africa, and has adopted an ambitious development plan, Plan Senegal Émergent (PSE), aiming at making it an emerging country by 2035. The GDP growth rate was 7% in 2017.

Antonio Vincenti, Chairman and CEO of Pikasso, said: “I am delighted to have reached this agreement with Mr. El Hadj Niang, a veteran of the OOH industry in Senegal who has built a remarkable advertising network. I have every confidence that his in-depth knowledge of the market, combined with our know-how and best-practice will enable us to contribute to the development of the OOH industry in Senegal. The first step will be to upgrade the full inventory by enhancing the potential of the locations and applying our quality procedures, to ensure high international standards and a world class customer service.”

El Hadj Niang, Director of Doni, said: “Pikasso is bringing the OOH industry in Senegal to the dawn of a new age. This welcome boost to the sector will also serve to embellish the urban living environment, in line with the authorities’ vision of a brighter aesthetic for our country. As a business aiming to serve professionals, it will strive to have a profoundly positive impact on communication.”

With this new addition, Pikasso strengthens its presence in West Africa where it is already established in Mali and Ivory Coast. The group is now present in 8 countries.

South Africa: Outdoor Advertising strategic review to improve compliance across Joburg

During last week’s council sitting the transitional period strategy for the City of Johannesburg’s outdoor advertising portfolio was approved, effectively allowing the City to review outdoor advertising in order to improve compliance and enhance value before the new by-laws are implemented.

The 36-month transitional period will provide a way forward amidst the current legal impasse regarding the new by-laws.

In efforts to improve outdoor advertising in Johannesburg and bring an end to the rampant lawlessness, the City amended its 2009 by-law in order to improve compliance and create a conducive environment for the industry to conduct business while protecting the general public from urban blight, clutter and the deterioration of municipal assets due to the illegal erection of signs. The new by-law was passed in March 2018 and promulgated later in May.

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