FEPE OOH News 26th April 2019

FEPE OOH News 26th April 2019


FEPE: FEPE Technical Innovation Award contenders to face trial by Congress

The winner of this year’s FEPE international Technical innovation Award will be chosen by Congress delegates at the conclusion of the first Congress session on May 2.

FEPE International’s 60th anniversary Congress is to be held at the Dubai Intercontinental Hotel Festival City from May 1-3.

The three shortlisted entries -  Exterion Media UK’s  ‘Victoria to Elizabeth (and everything in between)’; Primedia Outdoor’s ‘Immediate Integration of other Media Platforms with DOOH’ and Ocean Outdoor’s ‘Sky Ocean Rescue’  - will each make a five-minute pitch to delegates with FEPE staff handling the logistics to ensure that none of them over-runs.

Congress delegates will then vote for the winner.

FEPE international Executive Director John Ellery says: “The Technical Innovation Award gives all of us a key insight into the dramatic way the Out of Home industry is changing and it’s only right that Congress delegates - the people most affected by such changes - give their view on which one of these three outstanding entries wins the top award.

“We would also like to thank the people behind the shortlisted entries for being such good sports and welcoming this change in format. It must be quite daunting to face a world wide audience of your peers.”

All the FEPE international Annual Awards - Classic and Digital Creative, Leadership, Lifetime Achievement and Rising Star as well as Technical Innovation - will be presented at the Gala Dinner on the evening of May 2.

UK: Global quartet to lead a newly integrated outdoor division

Media and entertainment group Global has confirmed a quartet of key appointments to take the reins of its newly integrated outdoor division.

The hires are led by Leon Taviansky, formerly chief executive of Exterion Media, who has been appointed chief executive – outdoor. Jonathan Lewis, formerly chief executive of Outdoor Plus, becomes executive director of the outdoor division.

The pair will be aided by Jason Cotterrell who joins the outdoor offering as chief operating officer having spent time as a chief strategy officer and managing director at Exterion Media UK.

Lastly, an organisational restructuring of the outdoor commercial team to bring them under the auspices of Global’s existing commercial leadership will see Nigel Clarkson, formerly Exterion Media’s chief revenue officer, elevated to the post of commercial director.

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UK: McDonald's UK boosts restaurant footfall with Talon's Out of Home data management platform.

McDonald’s has partnered with Talon Outdoor and OMD UK on a new approach to Out of Home audience targeting which has increased visits to its restaurants across major cities.

Since January 2019, McDonald’s has used Talon’s proprietary Out of Home data management platform (ODMP) technology to deliver advertising campaigns which promote the Saver Menu. Talon’s ODMP manages and activates billions of device-level audience data points alongside information about real world places and advertising opportunities, creating new insights about how people travel and how to effectively reach and engage them whilst on-the-go.

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UK: Clear Channel win three major UK council bids to bring new street furniture and environmental projects to Southampton, Solihull, & Haringey

Clear Channel, one of the UK’s leading Out of Home media owners, has successfully won three major tender bids to work with councils in Southampton, Solihull, and Haringey to deliver new street furniture to the areas. Included in the contracts is a sum of money from Clear Channel which will be used as a community investment fund to support environmental projects in the councils’ local areas.

The Community Investment Funds were key parts of the proposals to the local authorities and are set to make real, tangible difference to the public in the three areas through a number of projects chosen by the local authorities in collaboration with Clear Channel, or through the support of our partner Trees for Cities. Clear Channel have a long-standing partnership with Trees for Cities, having planted 330 street trees to date, built community gardens and delivered other vital environmental work.

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Spain: Exterior Plus wins exclusive contracts to Madrid and Barcelona airports

Exterior Plus has won the exclusive contracts to run the advertising operations of Madrid and Barcelona airports in the most valuable outdoor media deal in Spain.

Exterior Plus, the leading Digital Out-of-Home company in Spain, has won the exclusive contracts to run the advertising operations of Madrid and Barcelona airports. Together, Madrid and Barcelona handle more than 100 million passengers every year: 57 million in Madrid and 50 million in Barcelona in 2018. Aena, the world's top airport operator, has chosen Exterior Plus to manage these contracts in the future in a pack that also includes the airports of some of the main historical and most widely-visited cities in Spain: Burgos, Girona, Valladolid and Salamanca.

Exterior Plus will run all advertising formats in these airports: digital signage, ambient media, events and traditional spaces. Exterior Plus’s media offering for these two contracts will be strongly digitalised, eliminating printed regular displays and installing 4K digital screen networks and iconic digital formats in Madrid and Barcelona. Exterior Plus will additionally boost the experiential advertising with innovative solutions and interactive campaigns, maximising revenues and enhancing customer experience.

With these contracts, Exterior Plus consolidates its leadership in Digital Out-of-Home in Spain and expands its activity to six business areas: airports, railways, street furniture, shopping malls, large format and car parks.

Pablo González Ayala, CEO of Exterior Plus, said, “We are delighted to work with AENA in the Spanish airports. It is a highly motivating challenge in a unique communication environment. These contracts are an important step forward in Exterior Plus’s strategic plan and will also make us the leading OOH media owner in the Spanish transit sector, running national railways across the whole country and the main airports. Our new media proposal will allow us to offer our clients new iconic digital sites and advertising solutions with cross-media communication and audiences. Customers will also enjoy a better atmosphere with these new attractive sites and improved placement”.

Germany: German advertising market fell 1.2% in Q1 Out-of-home media grew 8.6 percent

The advertising market in Germany fell by 1.2 percent year-on-year in the first quarter, according to a report from Nielsen. TV ranked first among the advertising channels with EUR 3.4 billion in ad spend and a share of 47.4 percent of total advertising spending. Still, the EUR 3.4 billion figure was down 2.7 percent from the year before.

Out-of-home media grew 8.6 percent, reaching gross ad spend of more than EUR 500 million in the quarter, for the first time.

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France: Record results for new mobility services rolled out by JCDecaux in Lyon and Nantes

Record results for new mobility services rolled out by JCDecaux in Lyon and Nantes

JCDecaux S.A. has announced thriving enthusiasm and record results for its new mobility services rolled out in Lyon and Nantes in 2018.

Vélo'v in Lyon: ambitious and trailblazing, JCDecaux's urban mobility service is all the rage 

The Lyon contract was secured in 2005 and renewed for a further 15 years in 2017, in recognition of JCDecaux's longstanding business model of advertising revenue financing city amenities. During the night-time hours of 17/18 July 2018, JCDecaux successfully installed 4,000 new Vélo'v in the Lyon metropolitan area in just seven hours - without any service interruption. A logistical, technical and human feat that has delivered record results for the service in the past few months. At 77,500 annual subscribers (up 12% in six months), the number of long-term users continues to climb and is now equivalent to 12% of the Lyon/Villeurbanne population. Rentals soared 18% in the period from 1 January to 31 March this year, versus the same quarter in 2018. Vélo'v even beat its own record achieved in H2 2018, with more than 4.5 million rentals in six months. Performance in 2018 was outstanding, with 8.5 million rentals.

bicloo in Nantes: integrated mobility solutions firmly anchored in daily life

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Canada: Broadsign announces agreement to acquire Ayuda

Broadsign, the leading digital out-of-home marketing platform, today announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire the industry’s premier out-of-home enterprise business solution, Ayuda Media Systems. Both companies are headquartered in Montreal. For out-of-home (OOH) media owners who have an increasingly complex mix of digital and classic inventory/locations, the combined power of Broadsign and Ayuda will enable them to streamline business operations across all of their inventory, digital and classic. The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of 2019.

The OOH industry delivered US $38.6 billion of advertising in 2018, and for the first time 50% of revenue came from digital signage locations. As OOH media owners continue to drive forward, each needs a more unified solution for managing, selling and delivering all of their OOH advertising, regardless of format type.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to bring together two market leaders in OOH software. Together we can help media owners drive greater efficiency in their business while at the same time realize the full potential of the industry as it becomes increasingly digital,”  said Burr Smith, President and CEO of Broadsign. “The OOH industry has never been in a better place. However, to accelerate growth even more, media owners and their advertisers need access to the most innovative capabilities available, such as tools for revenue optimization and the ability to sell via programmatic buying channels — both of which we can help them access.”

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Canada: Branded Cities celebrates 20 years in the North American OOH industry

Media company Branded Cities recently celebrated its 20th anniversary in the out-of-home (OOH) advertising space.

The company started out in 1999 when it conceived and subsequently obtained approval to build a landmark, 68-m (223-ft) tall, advertising tower in downtown Toronto. The Atrium on Bay Media Tower became the first media structure in, and the catalyst which initiated, the city’s Yonge-Dundas Square, a bustling entertainment, dining, and public gathering spot.

Since then, the company has expanded throughout Canada and the U.S., with nine sales offices and more than 70 employees throughout North America. In addition, the media firm has been recognized and awarded for various OOH campaign executions over the years

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USA: 5 Things Billboards Will Be Able To Do In The Future

In the 2002 movie “Minority Report,” computerized billboards serve up personalized advertising to the people who walk past. A rotating crop of ads pop up in Tom Cruise’s peripheral vision, calling out the names of the people they are targeting. Women see boards hawking perfume and toiletries, while men are targeted by Guinness and Lexus.

At the time, people laughed off the depictions in the movie, set in 2054, as pure science fiction. But maybe director Steven Spielberg wasn’t thinking ambitiously enough.

Here it is 2019, and a startup in Europe plans to roll out billboard technology it says is based on the movie’s concept of serving individualized ads to different people.

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USA: AdMobilize joins FEPE International

FEPE International is pleased to announce that AdMobilize has become our newest member and will be with us in Dubai.

AdMobilize is the world’s #1 intelligence platform for the physical world. AdMobilize is a venture-backed AI company with seamless solutions for implementing advanced computer vision technologies in the brick and mortar world, now operating its software in over 80 countries.

The company has one clear mission; connecting the physical world to the online grid. Our “drop in” solutions yield to each customer’s hardware/software needs. AdMobilize’s suite of analytics and engagement products are designed to be “Plug and Measure”, enabling real-time audience analytics and intelligence to be instantly activated at scale on any software/hardware platform.

AdMobilize offers the industry’s most trusted, complete, and accurate analytics/engagement solution for digital signage, OOH, DOOH, retail, live events, small business, malls, restaurants, and beyond. Headquartered in Miami, FL with additional offices in the UK, Colombia, and Brazil. For more information, please visit www.admobilize.com." 


Australia: Queensland Government kills OOH junk food advertising

‘Unhealthy marketing’ will be phased out of more than 2000 Queensland outdoor advertising spaces, according to Health Minister Steven Miles.

More than 2000 billboards, bus stops, train stations and road corridors will cease to advertise junk foods as part of the Queensland Health Minister’s latest move to address childhood obesity rates in the state. The ban will eliminate all junk food promotion at government-owned or leased sites.

“Junk food advertisers target kids, we know that,” Miles told the ABC on Sunday, “and obesity in childhood is a leading indicator of obesity in adulthood.”

“This is about doing what we can to protect our kids from the kind of marketing that leads them to make unhealthy choices.”

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Australia: Eye tracking tech delivers DOOH ads, prizes

Dynamic content has the potential to engage audiences in a deep way. Jetstar, an airline operating in Melbourne, Australia, tested out dynamic content with a Christmastime DOOH campaign managed by JCDecaux, an outdoor advertiser. The airline deployed displays in Melbourne, which tracked user's eyes to deliver content, and dispense dream vacations for the holidays

This campaign, however, had an extra layer of interactivity as it invited customers to look at certain parts of the screen, for a chance to win vacation packages. The displays lured in customers by stating, "Your eyes could win you a gift." 

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India: Billboards get a digital push

Plain vanilla outdoor ads are gradually becoming more dynamic as billboards are getting smarter and connected. These digitally connected billboards can be bought programmatically, altered in real time, linked to social media networks, and offer dynamic and interactive content delivery.

But it’s still early days. In India, smart digital billboards or the digital out-of-home (DOOH) industry, worth Rs 100 crore, accounts for just 2% of the overall out-of-home (OOH) media industry, according to a report by MAGNA, IPG Mediabrands’ research arm. At the end of 2017, there were approximately 1.2 lakh OOH ad units in the top 30 cities of India, of which around 1,000 screens located in Delhi and Mumbai airports were digitally enabled. The report predicts that DOOH will grow to 5% of the total OOH industry by 2023.

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India: Laqshya Media Group Selects Edge1 OOH Platform

Edge1 OOH Platform (“Edge1”), an out-of-home ad tech company, announced today that Laqshya, one of India’s largest out-of-home advertising companies, has selected Edge1’s software to automate all media workflows including sales, operations, finance, landlord and client interface. Laqshya’s network of more than 1,000 advertising touch-points, will be managed by Edge1 Platform.

Over the coming months, Laqshya will continue to consolidate many internal and external business processes into Edge1Â’s holistic OOH platform. Laqshya will be using Edge1’s enterprise resource planning platform for lead management, sales proposal generation, real-time availability media planning, inventory management, billing, landlord management, operations, and monitoring automation.

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Thailand: The first launch of the OOH Audience Measurement in Thailand.

Kinetic Worldwide (Thailand) LTD recently introduced a tool that which is able to generate the Out-of-Home (OOH) audience measurement in Reach and Frequency to their clients on March 5th , 2019 at Park Hyatt Bangkok.  

Using the technology and measurement methodology which are the basis components to generate the Out-of-Home ratings. And also with the combinations of the Satellite imagery, Big Data from city traffic flows done by CUENDE Infometrics, and census data altogether in generating the numbers of reach and impression.  

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Singapore: The Walt Disney Company SEA makes massive OOH push for Avengers: Endgame in SG

The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia has partnered dentsu X Singapore to launch its digital campaign in line with the premiere of Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame in Singapore. The campaign, which displayed movie showtimes on digital screens at bus stops islandwide, aims to drive movie attendance and help fans find the next available movie timeslot for Avengers: Endgame.

Working with OOH communications agency Posterscope, The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia executed this idea through a new ecosystem which consisted of three key phrases: phase one, where the company geo-targeted cinemas to each of the bus shelters in close proximity and displayed information on its digital screens...

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