FEPE OOH News 6th December 2018

FEPE OOH News 6th December 2018



Leagas Delaney chairman Tim Delaney to deliver Creative Keynote at FEPE 2019

Internationally celebrated copywriter and Leagas Delaney co-founder and chairman Tim Delaney is to deliver the Creative Keynote address at the FEPE International Congress in Dubai from May 1-3.

Delaney’s long career in advertising includes being appointed Creative Director of BBDO in London at the age of 27 and Managing Director at 32. He co-founded Leagas Delaney with Ron Leagas in 1980.

Leagas Delaney is now one of the world’s few independent creative networks with offices in London, America, Hamburg, Milan and Shanghai. Its clients include Investec, Royal British Legion, Peroni Nastro Azzurro and the world’s leading luxury watch brand Patek Philippe which it has handled for 20 years.

A true internationalist Delaney was inducted into the China Advertising Hall of Fame in 2017 where he received a Lifetime Achievement Award. There he offered five tips for success in advertising. These included the belief that creativity can change the fortunes of brands, make technology your servant not your master and retain your sense of wonder.

He has also been President of the UK’s D&AD, and later received the D&AD President’s Award, followed by The Creative Circle’s President’s Award and a British Television Awards Lifetime Achievement Award. He has also been inducted into America’s One Show Advertising Hall of Fame and Campaign’s British equivalent.

His many outstanding ads include one for Telecom Italia featuring Marlon Brando, Woody Allen and archive footage of Nelson Mandela and the BBC’s legendary Perfect Day in 1997, which featured stars including David Bowie and Elton John alongside Lou Reed. Other famous and long-running campaigns include Harrods and Timberland.

Although a creative Delaney has always taken a keen interest in media too; for the very good reason that even the most brilliant creative ideas are worthless unless people see and hear them.

FEPE International President Tom Goddard says: “The word legend is often overused in business but Tim Delaney is certainly one as far as advertising is concerned. He is not only a renowned copywriter and creative director but someone who has built a successful international agency network over 37 years, by staying true to his principles.

“We are very lucky to have him at our FEPE Congress in 2019.”

For more details on the Congress go to www.worldooh.org


Belgium: JCDecaux Belgium announces an agreement to purchase a majority stake in the Belgian billboard specialist Publiroute (Dewez)

JCDecaux SA has announced that its subsidiary, JCDecaux Belgium, has completed the first stage of a merger with Publiroute, a long-established Belgian billboards player operating under the Dewez trademark. When the operation is complete, JCDecaux Belgium will be the majority shareholder.

Created as a family-run company in 1920, Publiroute, through its trademark Dewez, currently operates 15,000 displays across Belgium.

Through this majority stake, JCDecaux will become the number one in billboard advertising in Belgium, strengthening its existing positions. The assets of Dewez, specialised in long-term local advertising billboards, complement JCDecaux's current assets in Belgium, and will significantly increase its billboard offering by extending outside the main city centres.

Chris Stone, Chief Executive Officer of Dewez, said: "I'm very excited to collaborate with JCDecaux, specifically relating to temporarily and permanent billboard, and the future development of digital in Belgium fuelled by the knowledge of the JCDecaux Group."

Jean-Sébastien Decaux, CEO Southern Europe, Belgium and Luxembourg, Africa and Israel of JCDecaux, said: "We are very proud to be teaming up with Publiroute, a long-established billboards leader in Belgium formed nearly one hundred years ago, and a family-run company with which JCDecaux share values. I am delighted to work with Chris Stone, whose professionalism and unique experience are recognized in the sector, and firmly believe that this merger between our two companies will produce an abundance of opportunities and will create value, in particular for our advertiser and media agency clients. "

UK: We have the new tech, now it's time for agreed standards, says OOH boss

In the wake of mass digitisation, market consolidation and the launch of ambitious new trading platforms, experts in the out-of-home sector are calling for a boost to standards to ensure a smooth evolution away from static posters.

Speaking at the 2018 Automated Trading Debate, hosted by Mediatel, a gathering of traders and industry bosses were told without agreed standards out-of-home would be bogged down by needless complexity at a time when it was seeking to grow its share of market through investment in digital screens.

"Out-of-home has always been a complex medium to navigate, even when it was just billboards and posters," said Gavin Lee, the chief technology officer of Posterscope and the co-chair of the OOH Standards Committee - the body which is helping in the transition to a more automated future.

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UK: ‘Best Original Digital Billboard’ –The Kensington Wins!

It didn’t take long for this digital billboard to win its first award
‘Best Original Digital Billboard’
It is a masterful design and execution of #OOH combining advertising, art and architecture.

Digital screen by Daktronics.

Described by JCDecaux:

“JCDecaux commissioned the globally renowned Zaha Hadid Design to create a landmark advertising structure in London that integrates public art, contemporary design and digital media.

The Kensington provides brands with a unique communications’ channel in the capital that combines the latest in digital screen technology with a spectacular, curved double-ribbon stainless steel design.”

Check out the new video for The Kensington – that’s just won ‘Best Original Digital Billboard’ at the DailyDOOH gala awards. Watch the must see 65 second video here⇒   The Kensington Video

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Luxembourg: JCDecaux rolls out new all-electric self-service bikes in Luxembourg City

JCDecaux S.A. has announced that its Luxembourg subsidiary successfully rolled out 600 new vel'OH! electric self-service bikes in Luxembourg City on the night of 29 to 30 November 2018. Working closely with the teams of Luxembourg, JCDecaux demonstrated its operational and logistical excellence by collecting the old stock of vel'OH! self-service bikes and replacing them with new ones in under six hours.

A successful first phase roll-out

In December 2017, Luxembourg City signed a new contract with JCDecaux for the deployment of a new vel'OH! service that includes new districts and electric bikes, involving the gradual roll-out of 900 electric bikes and 97 docking stations.

During the night of 29 to 30 November 2018, JCDecaux's teams carried out the first phase of the roll-out for the new vel'OH! bikes. From this morning, the 8,000 existing vel'OH! subscribers along with the citizens of Luxembourg City and neighbouring cities, and cross-border workers who come to Luxembourg, have 600 new bikes at their disposal at 60 docking stations which were upgraded last week without the need for any additional electrification work. The next steps will entail:

  • The roll-out of the remaining 300 bikes between now and mid-December 2018, which will bring the total stock of bikes to 900 (compared with 700 in the first contract).
  • The modernisation and installation of the 37 other docking stations, for the most part between now and 15 December 2018, to provide a total of 97 docking stations compared with 77 previously.

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UK: World Aids Day ad makes red ribbons dance on screen

Interactive outdoor execution will mirror participants' gestures and dance moves as music plays.

The National Aids Trust will make red ribbons "dance" on screen in response to people’s movements on World Aids Day tomorrow, Saturday 1 December.

The work, which uses motion-gesture technology via Ocean Outdoor’s fibre-optic-powered infrastructure, will run on London’s biggest full-motion retail screen at Westfield London.

Passers-by will be encouraged to share the "#RockTheRibbon" campaign via social media to show their support for people living with HIV.

Created by St Luke’s, the concept won the top charity prize in Ocean’s annual digital creative competition, run in partnership with Campaign, that celebrates bold new ideas in digital out-of-home.

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UK: Lidl 'hijacks' billboards of Christmas retail rivals Waitrose and M&S

Lidl has embarked on a guerilla poster campaign to take a swipe at rival retailers and position itself as a cheaper alternative to Waitrose and Marks & Spencer.

TBWA, the ad agency for the plucky discount brand, created a series of OOH ads that showed the familiar creative from the likes of M&S and Waitrose overlaid with an 'ad' from Lidl promoting its cheaper prices.

Adding insult to injury, the placements near its rivals' stores.

In an attempt to build up the 'Big on Quality, Lidl on Price’ proposition, the retailer spotlighted the price differences between popular Christmas products such as Christmas puddings, baklava mince pies, to free-range turkey and gingerbread gin liqueur.

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USA: The hottest advertising trend of 2018? Billboards.

On the streets of San Francisco — ground zero for all things online, virtual, and digital — tech companies are sneaking out into the “real” world.

Apple and Google ads loom over Highway 101 on enormous 14’x48’ sheets of vinyl. Eaze posters cover MUNI busses. Bitcoin placards line old Victorians. In every side-street, alleyway, and hole-in-the-wall, the likes of Netflix, Everlane, Airbnb, Asana, and Twilio are leveraging the hottest advertising medium in town: Billboards.

A decade ago, billboards were seen as outdated and irrelevant, relegated to informing you of the Cracker Barrel or gas station at the next exit. Today, in the midst of an online marketing boom, they’re one of the fastest-growing ad commodities on the market.

How has the world’s oldest advertising medium managed to survive the onslaught of a digital revolution?

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USA: Out-of-home advertising grew by 3.8% in Q3 2018

Out of home advertising revenue rose 3.8 percent in the third quarter of 2018 compared to the previous year, accounting for $1.85 billion, based on figures released by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA). Year-to-date, the OOH industry is up 3.7 percent.

“OOH was strong across all four primary formats – billboards, street furniture, transit, and place-based – with the digital OOH sector representing 28% of the total," said OAAA President & CEO Nancy Fletcher. "The immersive and relevant nature of OOH continue to drive interest among brands.”

Among the top 10 revenue categories, those posting increases equal to or greater than the quarterly increase of 3.8 percent were Miscellaneous Local Services and Amusements; Retail, Media and Advertising; Financial; Insurance and Real Estate; Government, Politics and Organizations; and Schools, Camps and Seminars. Driven by local political spend, the Government, Politics and Organizations category was up 16 percent.

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USA: From Automation To Immediate Data, Retail And Marketing’s High-Tech, High-Speed Seismic Shift

In retail parlance, the expression “everything must go” has always been enough to work shoppers into a frenzy. Now it’s time for the retailers to turn breathless, as the expression for these wondrous high-tech times might as well be “everything must go now.”

“I’ve been in the retail space since the mid-1990s, and I’ve never seen innovation this fast before—the pace and the adoption,” says Stacey Shulman, chief innovation officer of Intel’s retail solutions division. “Heat mapping, dwell analysis and computer vision have been around since 2014, so it’s not new, but adopting the tech is more of the standard, and we see object detection on the shelves, with flying drones that scan shelves to see which items are on or not on them, and whether they’re stocked correctly.”

The marvels hardly stop there. Working hand in hand with revolutionized retail is a new paradigm for marketing that marks a major, historical shift in reaching and engaging the potential customer.

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USA: Spotify's 2018 Holiday Ads released

Spotify’s 2018 Holiday ads are out, and they show just what ‘playlists you made this year.’ These

podcasts get a shout-out in the ads.

Spotify’s out-of-home advertising campaigns have become a much-loved source of holiday cheer over the past few years. For one thing, they are always witty. In fact,  the ads scrape the streaming music service’s wealth of user data and package the findings into snackable comic headlines. The ads both celebrate and mock our collective listening habits and what they say about us.

The brand calls the campaign “Wrapped,” and the 2018 version just went up Wednesday morning.

This year’s batch of ads focuses heavily on playlists, and also gives podcasts some visibility too.

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USA: Twitter brings @Twitter’s irreverent tone to Times Square’s billboards

Twitter has rolled out an out-of-home campaign in New York City’s Times Square to promote the fresh, irreverent tone of voice of its flagship @Twitter account.

Twitter will showcase actual tweets from the account on light-up billboards in Times Square. The tweets aim to reflect the ‘lighter, more conversational nature’ of the Twitter brand, according to a press release.

Examples of tweets slated for broadcast include ‘Is this thing on?’ and ‘Who’s up?’ as well as a retweet of Stephen King’s assertion that ‘Graffiti is the Twitter of the streets’.

The platform has noted a 14-fold increase in replies to @Twitter’s tweets since it switched up its strategy to one that leans deeper into the power of conversation. Other brands, such as Netflix, Burger King and, famously, Wendy’s, have taken the same approach of conversing like a user on Twitter, rather than publishing like a company.

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Australia: Ooh! Media officially signs deal for Brisbane City Council contract

Ooh!Media has formally signed and secured its 10-year long-term agreement for the Brisbane City Council street furniture contract, following its acquisition of street furniture and transport OOH company Adshel.

Yesterday Ooh confirmed media reports that the council had voted to approve the contract with Adshel, however, the binding document had yet to be executed.

This will become the first major OOH street furniture for the newly formed Ooh! entity since acquiring Adshel in June for $570 million. The Adshel brand will also be removed from all assets throughout the city.

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South Africa: The importance of audience data and digital out-of-home

While the geographic footprint of our medium has always been well defined, clear audience quantification for OOH typically has been a weakness. Ultimately, advertisers want to purchase audiences, so we have commissioned a first-for-Africa study to uncover where else our audience goes... and therefore the relevance of our network to our clients.

Huq is real-world consumer research database. By collecting anonymised location histories from an SDK (software development kit) in thousands of mobile apps, and marrying this insight with an advanced point-of-interest database (a.k.a. a really smart map that uses multiple sources), Huq makes it possible to measure consumers’ real-world likes, wants and interests in a digital, quantifiable form.

In short, by taking in the 10x millions everyday real-world actions of millions of consumers around the world, Huq enables OOH planners and advertisers to qualify purchase decisions based on their relationship with our specific OOH locations and where else they go.

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India: Posterscope launches India's first digital OOH Ad Exchange - ROOH

The planning-buying platform will help Posterscope to further strengthen and bolster its real-time capabilities in India.

Posterscope India, the out-of-home (OOH) specialist from Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN), has announced the launch of ROOH (Real Time Out Of Home), a unique planning-buying platform (including programmatic) for digital OOH inventories.

With billings from digital OOH estimated to grow at a rate of 60 per cent by the end of 2019, this latest tool will only help Posterscope to further strengthen and bolster its real-time capabilities in India.

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