World OOH News 28th September 2019

World OOH News 28th September 2019


France: JCDecaux becomes the first Out-of-Home Media company to join the RE100 initiative, reaffirming its commitment to the climate and renewable energies

JCDecaux SA (Euronext Paris: DEC), the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, has joined RE100, a global leadership initiative for companies committed to 100% renewable electricity. This move underlines the company’s current objective of sourcing 100% of its electricity consumption from renewable electricity by 2022. The Group began buying green electricity as part of an ambitious policy rolled out in 2014. In 2018, it was already meeting 69% of its electricity needs with renewable electricity compared with 37% in 2015.

Coinciding with the Climate Week summit, which recently opened in New York, JCDecaux has restated its commitment to fighting global warming, becoming the first outdoor advertising group to join the RE100 initiative. Founded by (NGO), The Climate Group, in partnership with CDP (a not-for-profit organization which aim is to study the implications of climate change for the world’s principal publicly traded companies), this initiative brings together businesses around the world to promote 100% renewable electricity. 

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UK: DOOH content and advertising interplay ramps up engagement 5x

In a UK first, premium digital out-of-home (DOOH) media owner Ocean Outdoor has established the powerful interplay between advertising and content in DOOH environments using neuroscience. With so few content media channels able to provide a shared sense of experience at scale, the new study establishes Ocean’s credentials as the fourth broadcast channel.

With its inventory of screens in prime, hand-picked locations with long sight lines, the study concluded that Ocean’s content solutions can deliver live streamed, dynamic content alongside relevant advertising to drive up effectiveness 5x against pure ad play alone.

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UK: Malaria No More UK Brings Mosquitos and a Message to the UN General Assembly Meeting

Malaria No More UK is looking to deliver its message during the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York this week with “Malaria Must Die, So Millions Can Live,” a campaign that combines digital and out-of-home experiences.

The campaign actually kicked off in April with a short film featuring soccer superstar David Beckham appearing to speak in nine languages and encouraging viewers to record the message, “Malaria must die,” on a voice petition. The video was created using emerging artificial intelligence video synthesis technology.

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UK: Ovo's zero-emissions campaign stars its own customers

Ovo Energy is launching a brand campaign starring its customers to encourage people to adopt a zero-carbon lifestyle.

It is the debut work for the brand by 20Something, the "plug in/plug out" creative consultancy launched in the summer. It follows Ovo's decision to shift towards a membership model.

The "What we can do" campaign, which is also the first work overseen by Sarah Booth, who joined Ovo as brand and communications director in May, goes live today (23 September) and spans digital out-of-home, podcast and social channels.

In August, Ovo said it would ditch out-of-home print advertising and opt only for digital ads powered by renewable energy. The latest campaign also coincides with the launch of Ovo Beyond, an upgrade that helps members reduce their carbon footprints.

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Sweden: Awarion Partners with Bzzt to Offer Programmatic Ads on Electric Pod Taxis

Awarion has announced a partnership with Bzzt to offer programmatic advertising on top of the Swedish company’s electrically powered pod taxis.

The integration facilitates advertisers to buy digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) media on top of the pod taxis, using Platform 161 demand-side platform.Bzzt pod taxis are popular among Stockholm residents who call for the environmentally friendly vehicles using the Bzzt app, and carry out trips inside the city.

This is Awarion’s second integration to a Swedish DOOH media owner, with the first being Moving Image. Awarion, a programmatic digital out of home technology company specialising in such integrations, also has access to networks in Africa and Turkey.

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Europe Wide: 500 Workplace Locations now commented to ECN'S European DOOH Network

Digital workplace media specialist Executive Channel Holdings Pty Ltd (ECH) today announced it had surpassed a significant milestone with the installation of the 500th   location to its European Digital Out of Home (DOOH) network.

Executive Channel Network (ECN), Europe’s leading digital workplace media company, is now located in 11 cities, spanning over 7 million SQM of nett lettable area and reaching 1.2 million influential professionals every week.

Charles Parry-Okeden, Global CEO, Executive Channel Holdings commented; 

“Following the sale of our Australian operations almost 3 years ago, we dedicated ourselves to building the ECN brand across the UK and Europe.  On average, two new office buildings connect to ECN every week which proves there is a huge appetite among asset owners for our managed content network. In the past 12 months alone, we have created over 3,000 pieces of building content on behalf of our asset clients who increasingly recognise the value of dynamically communicating with their occupiers” Mr Parry-Okeden said.

ECN’s ad-funded model enables it to provide asset partners with a turn-key solution which includes the installation of hardware, provision of content and full customer and technical service support.

“The explosive growth of location-based digital networks provides global brands with unprecedented contextual access,” Mr Parry-Okeden said.

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) was the 2nd fastest growing media channel in 2018, and this is forecast to continue due to innovations such as programmatic trading.  

“Whilst programmatic DOOH is still in its infancy, our network is programmatic ready and we have transacted programmatic advertising campaigns with DSP’s located all over the globe, opening up completely new markets for us” said Mr Parry-Okeden.  

ECN’s next goal is to reach 750 workplace locations, across its major operating markets of London, Paris, Germany and The Netherlands, cementing its place as the dominant DOOH workplace media network in the UK and Europe.   


USA: New Campaign Demonstrates the Reality of OOH Advertising

The Out of Home (OOH) advertising industry, led by the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), today launched a campaign to demonstrate the medium’s presence in the real world. The OOH is Real campaign, created by agency Extra Credit Projects, highlights OOH’s ability to amplify and enhance media plans, offering creative impact and contextual relevance while driving digital and mobile performance. 

The campaign launches during Advertising Week New York, with OOH ads inside and surrounding the event venue, hyper-targeting attendees with messages about OOH’s real-life impact of consumers and its connection with digital media.

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USA: Sean Reilly: You've got an industry that's in the best place I've ever seen it.

Lamar CEO Sean Reilly was upbeat about the out of home industry at last week’s Goldman Sachs Communicopia Conference.

On industry prospects

First of all you’ve got an industry that’s in the best place I’ve seen it and I’ve been doing this a long time.  The other two big companies in the industry are hitting their stride…It’s true that the large markets are doing better than the smaller markets…but I’ve been doing this for a long time.  That ebbs and flows…Increasingly our customers are using our big digital screens to augment what they are doing on the little screens…they can use geofencing…they can use whats ending on their facebook twitter or webpage…to inform what goes on the big screen…That’s what’s going on…

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USA: Jeremy Male: Big cities are taking an increasing share of the media pie

Here’s a summary of OUTFRONT CEO Jeremy Male’s comments yesterday Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference.

Outfront’s revenue growth is coming from big markets

Big cities are taking increasing share of the media pie and that’s where we’re big…Our top 15 markets grew at a higher rate in Q2 than our overall growth rate of 14%…Markets 15-40 grew in the mid single digit range.

On the economic outlook and advertising

We’re certainly seeing a robust revenue trend…Anecdotally we hear nothing from our discussions with agencies and clients…that gives us cause for concern.

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US: Eccleshare: There Might be Better Owners for Some International Assets

William Eccleshare seems a bit more open to selling Clear Channel Outdoor’s international operations.  Here are the highlights from his talk at the Goldman Sachs Communicopia conference wednesday.

On why Clear Channel Outdoor is growing.

The rush to online was effective but it might have been just a little bit overdone… That’s part of what’s driving this.  Digital has certainly helped.  We continue to build our digital presence.  70-80 new boards a year…I think the final piece of the jigsaw…has been the ability to demonstrate to advertiser the real impact that the medium can have. 

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USA: WPP Founder Martin Sorrell Added To DPAA Summit Speaker Line-Up

This is a pretty big get for the DPAA’s annual Video Everywhere event next month – Sir Martin Sorrell, the British businessman who founded and for many years ran WPP plc, the world’s largest advertising, media and marketing company.

He will be a headline speaker at the Oct. 15 event in New York.

Sorrell kinda sorta retired in April 2018. He left the company after an internal investigation into claims of personal misconduct. The probe was into the alleged misuse of WPP money. Sorrell dismissed the allegations and the BBC reports that WPP ended the probe.

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USA: DPAA unveils the preliminary list of speakers and the opening of registration for its annual Video Everywhere Summit

DPAA today unveiled a preliminary list of speakers and the opening of registration for its annual Video Everywhere Summit, which will be held on Tuesday, October 15 at a larger venue, the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel. The new space was chosen to accommodate an anticipated record number of delegates and expanded list of exhibitors.

The Summit, which is the industry’s largest one-day omnichannel event covering how brands are utilizing all media types to engage consumers, will once again be part of New York Digital Signage Week (Oct. 14-18).

Speakers at the 2019 Video Everywhere Summit will include:

Tim Castree, North America CEO, GroupM
Briana O’Dea, Director, Digital Operations, Dell
George Hammer, Chief Content Officer, IBM

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USA: OOH Advertising Advances Enable QSR To Target Audiences and Drive Traffic

Out of Home (OOH) advertising has long been a mainstay for QSR brands and owners, but now, thanks to advanced measurement and the proliferation of screens, the platform is enabling targeting on a scale never before possible.

With the availability of granular audience segments, advertisers are finding that connecting with consumers on the go is more efficient and as a result, more effective.  Additionally, holistic measurement across the multitude of OOH advertising formats is available for the first time.  This extends far beyond traditional roadside billboards and now includes place-based advertising such as signage in restaurants, bars, malls, and airports.

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Canada: what does the industry need to do to make dooh a mainstream media buy?

f you’re at all involved in the DOOH industry, you’ve most likely heard the word “programmatic” being used on a daily basis. This newer method of buying is the hottest industry trend right now, and it presents many opportunities and challenges for media owners and digital media buyers alike. To see what both the buy- and sell-sides have to say about this, we partnered with the IAB and PwC to sponsor a comprehensive study to better understand what needs to happen across the industry for programmatic DOOH to realize its full potential.  

The PwC team spoke to media agencies, tech companies and out-of-home publishers from the US and Canada, and three trends emerged.......

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Australia: A majority of Australians now see digital outdoor advertising each week

As digital outdoor advertising has proliferated on public transport, sports stadiums, shopping centres, service stations, airports, retailers and elsewhere new data from Roy Morgan shows a majority of 10.8 million Australians aged 14+ (52%) are now seeing digital outdoor advertising in an average week. This represents a significant increase of 10% points from four years ago when only 42% reported seeing digital outdoor advertising.

However, traditional outdoor advertising does remains more prevalent. Now 15.6 million Australians aged 14+ (76%) seeing traditional outdoor advertising such as billboards or posters in an average week. Overall now 78% of Australians see outdoor advertising of some type - including digital, billboard or posters – in an average week, an increase of 4% points on six years ago in 2013.

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Nigeria: Primedia Outdoor launches its powerful LED in Lagos

Following the unveiling of the powerful 3m x 12m video wall in Lagos’s busiest shopping mall, Ikeja City Mall, Primedia Outdoor has recently launched its new impactful 4.5m x 18m roadside LED along Oworonshoki Expressway, Nigeria – marking its position in this dynamic city.

With a 23% increase in traffic volume over the past three years, Oworonshoki Expressway serves as the main link between the commercial capital of Lagos and the rest of Nigeria. According to the Federal Road Safety Commission (2014), this highway is the busiest inner-state route in Nigeria, with an average of at least 6.1 million vehicles per month.

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India: Panasonic India partners with Lemma Technologies for SignEdge Display Network

Panasonic India, a diversified technology company, along with Lemma Technologies, leaders in programmatic DOOH advertising, today launched SignEdge Display Network (SDN), an end-to-end Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising solution, providing retailers and owners of digital screens a new platform that brings flexible, controlled and cost-effective means to sell their digital advertising space to a larger audience. Through this collaboration, Panasonic aims to expand its technology benefits to a larger retail ecosystem by enabling the new SDN technology with Lemma LemmaTechnologies digital advertising platform.

Developed at the Panasonic's India Innovation Centre (IIC), SDN solution helps digital screen retailers and owners to reach out to advertisers for selling their DOOH spaces in real-time through an online platform, expand their reach to advertisers in multiple locations, benefit from dynamic pricing and profit from measurement metrics based on advertisement slot sales.

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