World OOH News April 3rd 2020

World OOH News April 3rd 2020

World Out of Home Organization Congress re-scheduled for May 2021 in Toronto


The World Out of Home Organization annual Congress - cancelled in 2020 because of the Covid-19 outbreak - is re-scheduled for 2021 at the same venue - Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel - from May 12-14 2021.

Attendees who booked for 2020 will be able to rollover their bookings for May 2021.

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Pierpaolo Micheletti - An Obituary


We were saddened this week to learn of the death of one of the leading lights of the Italian advertising industry, Pierpaolo Micheletti (pictured with WOO President, Tom Goddard at the Sorrento Congress, 2018).

In the words of Pierpaolo’s daughter Daniela, Pierpaolo Micheletti, founder of Creative Media the agency based in Milan, a leading figure in the Italian and international media advertising world, left us last Friday at the age of 82.

Pierpaolo started his business in the late 1980s and since then, for more than 25 years, he has been in charge the media communication for the Benetton Group, in professional partnership with Oliviero Toscani; his career also counts significant professional experiences with major brands such as Prénatal, Dolce&Gabbana, Replay, Cosmoprof Worldwide, Ovs, Upim, Coin, Mcs,  Bata...

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How UK out-of-home is battling through the Covid-19 crisis


A blue light shone brightly over the deserted streets of Piccadilly Circus on Thursday night. There was no red from the Coca-Cola ads and no sign of the Samsung branding. Instead, the iconic Landsec site was taken over with a message of support for the NHS staff who have been working around the clock to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

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OOH in a Global Pandemic


With the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) across the world in a matter of weeks, citizens across the globe are doing what they can to care for the sick and prevent further spread. The out of home (OOH) industry is doing its part, as well, serving as an emergency response medium to reach audiences as they still travel in public places. From public service community awareness to government-paid ad campaigns to real-time emergency updates, OOH around the world is spreading the word about not spreading the virus. 

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How is the Indian Out Of Home industry coping with the COVID-19 Stay At Home advisory?


The Out-of-Home industry thrives in public places. So, the stay-at-home advisory proves to be a major challenge for the sector, although industry leaders agree that the lockdown is essential to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. An OOH expert told exchange4media that as a whole the industry will see a 6 per cent drop in overall spends as compared to the last financial year.

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Out of Home says thank you to key workers On behalf of a Grateful Britain


Today, the UK Out of Home industry has come together to launch ‘Grateful Britain’, a nationwide DOOH campaign to pass on the nation’s gratitude to NHS staff and other key workers that continue to work on the frontline of the fight against coronavirus. Initiated by Outsmart, the OOH trade association, the campaign runs throughout April and May on media space donated by Alight Media, blowUP media, Clear Channel, ECN, Elonex, Emerge Advertising, JCDecaux, Mass Media, Maxx Media, Ocean Outdoor and UKBillboards, with more members expected to come on board as the campaign progresses.


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Even if it's exceptionally tough times, GroupM invests in South Africa OOH


GroupM has sponsored 10 local OOH media owners to join the OMC-Out Of Home Measurement Council. OOH media owners without a doubt will suffer deeply from the current situation of country lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But we still need to keep faith and look at the future, when we will eventually come out of the present emergency.

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Analysis from Talon's Ada shows true UK population movement during Covid-19


Groundbreaking analysis from Ada, Talon Outdoor’s proprietary intelligent data management platform has uncovered that the first two weeks in March had above average movement for the UK population before dramatically declining in the third week by -21% nationally, with London ahead of the curve in reduced population movement.

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Advertising as an Anti-recession Tool


Good reading, in these tough times, is cogent analysis published 40 years ago in the prestigious Harvard Business Review (HBR). Recessions have been fueled by underconsumption, says author Nariman K. Dhalla. Caution snowballs as inventories build up, production is reduced, and workers are laid off. “The most suitable way to get out of this vicious circle is to go to the source and stimulate demand for goods and services,” wrote Dhalla. “To accomplish this task, what is a better tool than advertising, the mass-selling equivalent of mass production.”

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Brands DOOHing good in time of crisis


From its earliest incarnation, Out-of-Home advertising has acted as a community notice board, advertising goods and services to people when they are out of their homes. So, what happens to these messages when people are forced to stay home? Is anybody out there? The current guidance is strict; people must only leave their home for essential shopping, medical needs and exercise once a day. 

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Rivals Moove Media and XCO partner to boost OOH in Singapore during coronavirus


Two major players in Singapore’s out-of-home (OOH) landscape have come together to create the ‘Twin Titans’ package, to give advertisers access to both businesses advertising real estate in one place during the coronavirus outbreak. Across the world countries are having to go into various versions of ‘lockdown’, limiting social interaction and movement around public spaces.

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New COVID-19 PSA Campaign Cleverly Reminds People It's Not Great To See Each Other


This is a terrific, super-simple media public service media campaign developed in the UK to steadily reinforce to people in the UK and globally to continue social distancing and stay at home unless they need to get out for essentials like groceries and medicine.

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The Best of Australian Outdoor in March. Special Edition Cover-19


he best of Outdoor' is a monthly selection of innovative local Out of Home campaigns to fuel your creativity and inspire your next moment of genius. We dedicate our March edition to the Australian campaigns you may have missed if you've been staying home.

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JCDecaux launches support messages for Covid-19 frontline workers & mental health awareness


JCDecaux in Australia has launched a campaign across its network to thank essential workers who are supporting Covid-19, as well as campaigns supporting local business and building awareness of mental health issues.


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'We Deliver' - Advertisers Change Messages On OOH


There's a new adjective in advertising: “contactless.”  Advertisers — big brands and local small businesses — are changing copy in the context of COVID-19. Sarpino’s pizza delivery is curbside, contactless, and free, says its billboard ad. The use of “contactless” (as a positive), reflects broader points/trends in media.

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Foodpanda and Dentsu Aegis Network have reach out to food delivery riders


Foodpanda and Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) have reached out to food delivery riders during this challenging time to thank them for their service to the nation. By rallying all their Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) partners, the brands have released thank you messages nationwide via over 150 screens nationwide.

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New Pandemic PSA Available For Download; Focused On Thanking Frontline Workers


Jeremy Cleek, the founder of LA-based creative shop Studio Kudzu, contacted me last week, offering to help develop creative for coronavirus awareness PSAs. I got back in touch, thinking this was a chance to get something developed that was different from the terrific range of stills, motion graphics and videos that have been developed and made available as Public Service Announcements, which are almost all about prevention.

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oOh!media has teamed up with grassroots Facebook campaign, The Kindness Pandemic,


oOh!media has teamed up with grassroots Facebook campaign, The Kindness Pandemic, to share uplifting stories of kindness from the Australian community across its retail, street and rail networks around the country. From teenagers offering to shop for the elderly to neighbours leaving flowers for one another, the campaign will see three new messages of positive moments that have been posted to the Facebook group amplified across oOh!’s assets every week.

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