World OOH News August 21st 2020

World OOH News August 21st 2020


#OurSecondChance is rolling around the world


#OurSecondChance is now rolling around the world, from Europe to Africa and Asia Pacific, North and South America to Australia. It's well on track to be the biggest Out of Home campaign in the history of the medium.  Our sincere thanks go to all the media owners, national associations and others - notably our ad agency New Commercial Arts and production and distribution wizards Grand Visual - who have made it possible. More details will be available next week. Here are some of the thousands of displays helping to make the world a more optimistic place.

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Pikasso joins #OurSecondChance Biggest Worldwide DOOH Campaign to date


Pikasso joined this global initiative and diffused and displayed in their 10 countries all the visuals on their DOOH inventory were present and in prime Classic Roadside Rooftops and Unipoles.

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Tractor supports WOO in worldwide #oursecondchance DOOH campaign


Tractor is proudly one of the many media owners to partake in the #oursecondchance global campaign by New Commercial Arts.

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How data and insights are helping OOH bounce back

The out-of-home (OOH) industry is starting to bounce back from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic with the assistance of real time data and insights.QMS’ new intelligent data and insights platform DYNAMiQ is helping with the recovery, offering advertisers confidence and audience guarantees for their OOH campaigns.

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OOH can thrive thanks to adtech forerunners


Jon Block, chief product officer at VIOOH, outlines which elements of adtech digital OOH has copied, which it is rejecting, and which it is keeping its eye on for future use

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UK Out of Home reports 44.8% revenue decline

Outsmart, the trade body for the Out of Home (OOH) industry has announced that Out of Home revenue for January to June 2020 declined -44.8% year on year, generating total revenues of £329m. Classic and Digital Out of Home revenues declined by -50.8% and - 38.8% respectively. 

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Nielsen Joins Forces With Talon Outdoor to Deliver Data-Driven Out of Home Advertising Campaigns

Nielsen announces an integration with Talon Outdoor, which enables marketers to intelligently target audiences across both online and Out of Home (OOH) by combining its Nielsen Marketing Cloud solution with Talon’s proprietary data management platform Ada.

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OOH advertising in India dropped by 55% in H1, 2020

The Pitch Madison Advertising Report Mid-Year Review 2020 unveiled on Tuesday has findings on the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on all mass mediums, sectors of brands, and India’s AdEx this year.

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US Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home Ad Spending Will Double in 2020, but Remains Experimental

Programmatic DOOH will account for just 2.2% of total OOH ad spending in the US this year. But given that programmatic is always digital, the more pertinent statistic is the portion of DOOH ad sales that is transacted or fulfilled programmatically: 6.7% in 2020.

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Vistar Media Launches Open Exchange For Omnichannel DSPs

Vistar Media, the leading global provider of software for digital out-of-home (DOOH), is partnering with the world’s largest omnichannel DSPs to launch the first real-time bidding open exchange for out-of-home advertising (OOH). 

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Steve-O Duct-Tapes Himself To Billboard


Standing on a narrow platform, which was difficult to notice from the street, The “Jackass” star and television personality, Steve-O, known for his crazy stunts and pranks, was livestreaming himself late last week, Thursday, on his YouTube channel.

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JCDecaux launches a series of initiatives to maximise advertiser impact


In response to changing audience behaviour and marketing priorities, JCDecaux today announced JCDecauxSHIFT, a series of initiatives across its portfolio designed to maximise advertiser impact, in what is a crucial time for brands to reconnect with audiences

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Tourism Recovery Solution Drives 66% Uptick in Theme Park Visits


Clear Channel Outdoor today announced a partnership with Arrivalist®, the leading geo-location intelligence provider for tourism-based measurement, giving hospitality and travel brands measurable consumer insights and in-depth performance analyses for their Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising campaigns.

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Go Media Integrates with Seedooh

Go Media, New Zealand’s largest locally owned outdoor media company, has just finalised an integration with Melbourne-based Seedooh to provide independent 3rd party delivery verification of campaigns across Go Media’s digital assets.

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Seoul District Deploying Smart Transit Shelters That Have Displays And COVID-19 Counter-measures


A district government in Seoul has installed and switched on 10 smart bus shelters they say are safe to huddle in – with protection against the coronavirus AND the elements. The glass-walled transit stops in the Seongdong-gu district check body temperatures at the door, blocking entry if you are running a fever. They also have UV disinfection lamps, and hand sanitizer dispensers.

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DPAA's Annual Video Everywhere Summit to be Staged Over Three Days as Live Zoom Event

 DPAA  announced today it will hold its annual global Video Everywhere Summit live-via-Zoom over three days from October 13-15, 11am – 1:30pm ET each day.

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AdTECH: OOH - Sydney - Wednesday September 23rd

AdTECH: OOH – Sydney is aimed at those already in AdTECH wishing to learn more about the Out of Home Industry, and for those in Out of Home who wish to better understand Automation, Programmatic Buying, Marketplaces, Media Exchanges and Revenue Management.

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