World OOH News October 11th 2019

World OOH News October 11th 2019


UK: Brand Gap 2 unveiled at JCDecaux UK's Upfronts

Channels that offer the ‘best of both worlds’ for branding and activation are a proven way to bridge the brand gap – a key finding from Brand Gap 2, unveiled at JCDecaux UK’s Upfronts by Justin Gibbons, Founding Partner of Work Research.  Brand Gap 2 shows that the brand gap is now a priority issue at boardroom level and includes a ‘Charter for change’ – 8 steps to bridge the brand gap*. Download your copy of The Brand Gap here.

Last year’s Brand Gap reported on the gap between what advertising practitioners knew to be best practice (achieving a balance between branding and activation), and what they actually do with their media spend. Brand Gap 2 shows that are now signs of a recalibration of spend. Almost half (47%) said they are planning to move money into channels that do both brand and response. 

Justin Gibbons, Founding Partner of Work Research said, “Brand Gap 2 shows that advertisers have moved on from the knowledge that there is an over-reliance on activation, to actively looking at ways of closing this brand gap, with a recalibration of spend towards channels that can do both activation and brand fame. It’s interesting to note that Kantar’s recent BrandZ insight supports our findings, showing a decline of 3% in the growth of the UK’s 75 most valuable brands. In Brand Gap 2, advertisers spoke about ‘consideration’ as the key metric in need of attention to combat this decline, showing the importance of achieving a balance of branding and activation for the long-term success of brands.”

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UK: Engine and VCCP secure top prizes in Ocean's 10th annual Digital Creative Competition

The Royal Navy, Amnesty International UK, Ancestry, Mars, Inc and Stonewall are among this year’s winners

Engine and VCCP have been awarded the top prizes in Ocean Outdoor’s 10th annual digital creative competition, recognising campaigns they have created for the Royal Navy and Amnesty International UK.

Engine takes the top brand prize with Sniper, an interactive recruitment campaign for the Royal Navy which uses Ocean’s clever LookOut interactive technology to challenge players to a game of stealth. The aim is to pinpoint the Royal Marines Commando hidden within a rugged jungle environment before they find you in a tense countdown against the clock.
Created by  VCCP, the charity first prize goes to Amnesty International UK for The Sentencing Billboard, an interactive display which uses body scanning technology to identify what sort of crimes people are in danger of committing in other countries where there is less freedom of expression.

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Switzerland: Swiss Poster Award 2018: Call for Entries

The competition for the "Swiss Poster Award" has opened: the expert jury is looking for the most outstanding Out of Home creations. New members of the jury are Yvan Piccinno (Managing Director Y&R Group Switzerland) and illustrator Paula Troxler (PANK). Agencies, creatives and companies still have until 30th November 2018 to submit their entries for the competition. The award, which is coveted in the Swiss communications industry, is conferred in six categories. An opening of the "Out of Home Innovations" category now allows all outdoor advertising formats and technologies to be admitted.

The Swiss Poster Award is the competition for analogue, digital and innovative outdoor advertising in Switzerland. 

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Netherlands: Ocean Outdoor relaunches its Dutch subsidiaries as Ocean Netherlands

Ocean Outdoor Limited a leading operator of premium Digital Out-of-Home, is bringing together its three Dutch subsidiaries to form Ocean Netherlands. The new entity becomes the biggest DOOH operator in Holland.

The combination of Interbest, Ngage Media and Beyond Outdoor as Ocean Netherlands creates a new national network of 285 large format screens in 168 key locations with a daily reach of more than 20 million people. Ocean Netherlands will establish a new headquarters in Amsterdam in January 2020 under co-managing directors Xavier Tilman, Meindert van den Heuvel, Stan Thijssen and Erwin Versluijs.

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Poland: Emergency-Themed TV Ad on DOOH Screen Triggered by Nearby Sirens

Screen Network, the largest digital out-of-home (DOOH) company in Poland with 20,000 screens in more than 1,000 locations, is now also the owner of the most technologically advanced LED curtain in the country. With technical implementation by Think DOOH unit, the integration division of Screen Network, this 165-meter LED curtain on the facade of the Plac Unii Shopping indoor mall minishare in Warsaw recently displayed its first major ad campaign, which involved the use of cameras and sensors to cleverly trigger contextually relevant promotion.


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USA: Geopath Gets OOH Industry Sign-Off To Formally Launch Data-Driven Insights Platform

Geopath has received the out of home industry’s sign-off and formally launched its Insights platform, touted as the industry currency for Out Of Home audience measurement.   

The not-for-profit organization, which is governed by a board representing the entire OOH ecosystem – including advertisers, media agencies, and out-of-home media – first launched Insights as a beta platform in 2018.

Developed in collaboration with the OOH industry, Geopath says Insight’s methodology provides more than 8,000 unique audience profiles, with additional segments being added on a regular basis.

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USA: Talon Boosts U.S. Out of Home Data Intelligence with SafeGraph Partnership

Talon Boosts U.S. Out of Home Data Intelligence with SafeGraph Partnership Talon Outdoor, the independent global out of home media specialist, has further enhanced its audience insight and targeting capabilities with SafeGraph, the leading provider of U.S. Points-of-Interest (POI) data.

This further bolsters Talon’s drive to make OOH ‘Smarter as Standard’ complementing its existing and expanding suite of audience insights and campaign planning tools.

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USA: Kubient launches Real-time Bidding solution for Digital Out of Home inventory

Kubient a full-stack audience digital marketing platform, has launched what it claims is the industry’s Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising solution in the US. Kubient’s patent-pending oRTB solution connects the DOOH channel into the digital marketing ecosystem, giving buyers and sellers access to a marketplace to dynamically trade, distribute and execute omnichannel audience retargeting. 

“Programmatic has become commonplace among digital advertising, however, DOOH has been one of the last to innovate,” said Kubient chief digital officer, Chris Andrews. “We saw a need in the market for a transparent, open platform to buy and sell DOOH inventory in real-time. 

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USA: Vistar Media Opens Programmatic Ecosystem

Vistar Media, the global leader in programmatic technology for digital out-of-home (OOH), today announced an expansion of the programmatic OOH ecosystem through partnerships with the world’s leading omnichannel demand-side platforms (DSPs).

Adelphic, Amobee, MediaMath and Verizon Media are all integrating with the Vistar supply-side platform (SSP) following openRTB standards, with further DSP integrations to come in early 2020. These partnerships enable digital out-of-home to truly integrate into omnichannel marketing strategies with seamless activation through the world’s largest digital platforms.

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USA: The Impact of Outdoor Advertising

The 2019 Nielsen Out of Home Advertising Study details the impact of outdoor advertising on an increasingly savvy consumer base. As a segment of Out of Home (OOH) advertising, billboards continue to gain ground, and digital billboards are able to increase that reach with eye-catching, responsive messaging that effectively targets consumers every 6-8 seconds.

Out of Home Increases Website Visits

Many marketers look at leads that come from their website, without researching what influences prospects to visit their business website in the first place. 

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Canada: Blip Hires Fleischer and Launches Blip Canada

Blip, North America’s most successful self-serve, pay-per-blip digital billboard advertising marketplace, today announced the official launch of Blip Canada as part of its international expansion strategy. Daniel Fleischer, former Vice President of Business Development & Marketing at Ayuda Media Systems, joins as General Manager of Blip Canada, and Vice President of Publisher Marketing internationally.

Daniel started his career in Out-of-Home advertising technology at BroadSign over a decade ago. Daniel then internationalized Ayuda over the past 8 years in his dual role as VP Business Development and Marketing, culminating in Ayuda’s recent acquisition by BroadSign. 

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Australia: Out Of Home Sees Growth Plateau In Third Quarter

The out of home (OOH) industry has experienced a slight decrease in revenue in the third quarter of 2019. The decrease of 0.9 per cent on net media revenue year on year in the third quarter of 2019 and a posting $218.2 million is down from $220.2 million for the third quarter in 2018.

Quarter three 2018 was one of OOH’s healthiest quarters to date, with an increase of 10.7 per cent from the previous year, 2017.

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Australia: Ooh! Media announces new awards to recognise community involvement

oOh!media has this week launched a new awards program to recognise individuals in the industry who make significant community contributions, providing them with media to promote their charity of choice across oOh!’s network.

With a combined prize pool of over $1 million, The Open Awards – which coincide with the company’s oOh!Pen Season – will feature four different categories that recognise individuals for their various contributions to charities and communities.

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Australia: Amcal Fights Hay Fever Season with Live Pollen Count Billboards

Amcal Pharmacy is on a mission to help alleviate the suffering hay fever causes to millions of Australians each Spring, with their latest outdoor campaign broadcasting live pollen count warnings across QMS’ digital billboards in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The dynamic digital billboard campaign utilises Breezometer data feeds to deliver High, Moderate or Low pollen warnings depending on each location.

Kurt O’Brien, Head of Brand, Amcal, said that understanding springtime pollen counts during peak hay fever season can help the growing number of Australian sufferers to proactively manage their condition.


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Australia: Broadsign announces partnership with tonic health media

Broadsign, the leading out-of-home (OOH) platform for media owners proudly announces the renewal of a successful partnership with Tonic Health Media, Australia’s leading OOH Health and Wellbeing Network with a five year contract. The partnership will see Tonic Health Media continue to employ Broadsign’s powerful DOOH marketing platform for all campaigns across more than 5300 medical practices, pharmacy and allied health environments.

Tonic’s place-based media and digital assets are positioned in trusted, contextually relevant environments where the audience is making decisions about their health and wellbeing, reaching over 16 million Australians every month. 

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South Africa: Primedia Outdoor joins voices around the world to call on more people to demand that 'Malaria Must Die'

The campaign ‘Malaria Must Die, So Millions Can live’, was launched this week in South Africa by Primedia Outdoor using digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising activations to inspire people to join the world’s first voice petition to end malaria. The campaign which began earlier this year championed by David Beckham launched the world’s first voice petition to end malaria. In a short film, David appears to speak nine languages using emerging AI (artificial intelligence) video synthesis technology. People around the world were invited to speak up by visiting and recording the message ‘Malaria Must Die’. 

The digital out-of-home campaign will now reach Europe, Africa and the Middle-East. All of the messages collected via the voice petition will be presented to top decision makers and world leaders at the Global Fund's Sixth Replenishment Conference in Lyon (France) in a powerful short film. The Global Fund is dedicated to ending the world’s three biggest preventable killer diseases - AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and is seeking to raise at least US$14 billion for the next three years from donor governments, implementing countries and the private sector, to help save 16 million lives. 

Last month, the campaign activated online and digital out-of-home displays across New York City during the annual United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) meeting held from 23-27 September, calling on more supporters to add their voice to the petition via the world’s first malaria AR (augmented reality) filter.

Developed pro-bono by Facebook and Powster (an award winning interactive and production company), the filter is available on Facebook and Instagram. The filter simulates a swarm of deadly mosquitoes around the user’s head which only dissipate when ‘Malaria Must Die’ is spoken, reinforcing the message that malaria declines with increased action but can return with a vengeance when the fight is deprioritised. 

Quividi, the world leading audience & campaign intelligence platform for digital out-of-home, has rallied a coalition of preeminent OOH publishers and media owners – Domminaction, Grandi Stazioni Retail, Imediacenter, Pikasso and Primedia Outdoor - to provide pro-bono digital out-of-home advertising space, in a selection of strategic locations including malls, train stations and city centres across South Africa, Algeria, France, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jordan and Lebanon. 

In South Africa, leading out-of-home media owner, Primedia Outdoor is engaging mall shoppers with a Quividi-powered life-size DOOH version of the malaria AR filter, that can be experienced in Fourways Mall, Johannesburg. At the same time, Primedia Outdoors’ roadside LED network will display an advert of David Beckham surrounded by thousands of mosquitoes, inviting the audience to join the voice petition and help end Malaria.


India: Green fabric demand rising in Kerala

Manufacturers and suppliers believe the regulators and enforcers need to clearly specify the nature of fabrics that can be used for advertising display.

The Kerala state government’s blanket ban on the use of PVC flex for advertising and publicity in the state has been a setback for the OOH business, but the industry players are looking at alternative, green options. A Shiva Texyarn spokesperson told Media4Growth that the demand for eco-friendly material is growing at a rapid 300% in Kerala. Printers and dealers had stocked up PVC flex before the ban was enforced. Those players are turning to green options, so the volume of demand for the alternative materials will pick up pace.

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India: PHD helps SKODA India launch first-of-its-kind real-time programmatic OOH campaign

SKODA Auto in association with PHD India launched a campaign to serve ads based on vehicle recognition in real time with the help of intelligent ML–AI algorithms for the very first time in India.

Traditional out of home advertising, which is either static or pre-set to rotationally run on digital screens, may be overlooked by frequent passers-by. SKODA and the DOOH experts created a campaign that targets travellers in the moment by tapping into the consumers’ real-time emotional needs and desires.

Speaking on the association, Jyoti Bansal, CEO, PHD India said: “Challenging the normal has been PHD’s unique answer to SKODA’s Simply Clever DNA. By leveraging technology to deliver a contextualised experience to SKODA customers out of home, we are creating new benchmarks for the category.”

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