World OOH News October 18th 2019

World OOH News October 18th 2019


President Tom Goddard introduces World Out of Home Organization to New York Digital Signage Week

World Out of Home Organization President Tom Goddard took the opportunity to introduce the newly-branded Organization - formerly FEPE International - to attendees at New York Digital Signage Week.

Goddard spoke at a reception hosted with the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and  US research body Geopath. The Organization works closely with the OAAA and has a number of projects in partnership with Geopath.

FEPE had been rebranded, said Goddard, to reflect more accurately the truly worldwide nature of the Organization, now representing nearly 100 countries worldwide, far more than its European roots when it was founded 60 years ago.

The new global Organization, he said, had three objectives: to be a force good and change in Out of Home; to be equal in status to its peers on the worldwide stage such as the World Federation of Advertisers and develop a number of important new initiatives to grow the worldwide industry.

These include a new insight and data facility for all members which will include new quarterly reports from New York based PJ Solomon, collating case histories to show the worldwide effectiveness of the medium and even more collaboration at national association level.

He also welcomed new OAAA president and CEO Anna Bager who has joined from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), succeeding long-time leader Nancy Fletcher.  

He ended by thanking the World Out of Home Organisation executive team of four which he said allowed the organisation to be run a in a lean, effective and non-wasteful way and also the 11 WOO board members, nine of whom were in New York, who contributed their efforts generously and without payment.

Thanks also to Clear Channel which provided the Times Square space to display the new World Out of Home Organization visual design.


New York Digital Adweek: Sir Martin Sorrell And Barry Frey, Command DPAA Video Everywhere Summit

OOH Today, an official Media Partner of the yesterday’s DPAA Video Everywhere Summit, was treated to over 29 speakers addressing a standing room only house. Throughout the event and in between speaker breaks, our host, DPAA President and CEO, Barry Frey worked the audience in his personal brand of high energy and enthusiastic talk show host, encouraging intimate audience participation.  

Funny, insightful and a master of sincere stroking banter, Frey twists and turns between tight rows to conduct the seconds long, one on one ‘interviews’ with attendees. It is difficult to distinguish who enjoys it most, the audience, the interviewee or MC Frey.

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Sorrell: Digital Makes Outdoor More Transparent, Attractive

The out-of-home media industry has overcome some questionable perceptions on Madison Avenue thanks to its increasing digitization, but it’s probably still best served as a specialty practice at most advertising agencies, S4 Capital Executive Chairman Martin Sorrell said during an interview at the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association (DPAA)’s annual summit in New York City Tuesday.

“There was always a fundamental concern about the industry,” Sorrell said, alluding to some less-than-transparent trade practices among outdoor media suppliers and buyers, including the fact that out-of-home media buys were not rigorously tracked and sometimes didn’t even run.

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New York Digital Signage Week: The Most Valuable Out of Home Site in the US

During Digital Sign Week you ought to wander down to Times Square to take a look at Prismview’s One Times Square digital billboard located at 42nd and Broadway.  

It just might be the most valuable advertising location in the world.    New Tradition Media handles the ad sales.  The out of home space is so valuable that the building isn’t even occupied.  

It would cost too much to renovate for occupancy.  Insider talked with Don Szczepaniak, President and CEO of Prismview and Brett Unzicker, Executive Vice President of Sales Samsung Electronics about the project.

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UK: How Out of Home channels build bigger and better brands

Clear Channel and JCDecaux took a very different approach in their recent Upfronts, but the conclusions we can draw are very aligned. Out of Home is in a strong place; in growth, evolving and bringing a simple and highly relevant message to brands seeking success.

JCDecaux’s event launched new Brand Gap research in what resembled a university of the brand session that posed some important questions for branding and advertising and the relentless rise of digital media.

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UK: How voodooh do magic in DOOH

Despite its young age, DOOH ad tech and services firm voodooh has delivered several major digital out-of-home campaigns. Recently, its founder, Keith Nilsen, told Digital Signage Pulse how the company managed to achieve rapid success in the emerging DOOH ad market.

What is voodooh?

We’re a UK-based, digital out-of-home (DOOH) company. Voodooh offers robust, world-class campaign development, management and delivery of DOOH ad campaigns, media owner network operations and consultancy. Our four founders have over 40 years of DOOH experience among us.

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France: Quividi Explores DOOH's Path to Cross-Media Compatibility With New White Paper on Audience Impressions

Quividi says its DOOH audience metrics “meet or exceed the highest digital and OOH measurement standards”

Quividi's methodology meets or exceeds the highest standards of online and out-of-home audience measurement (IAB/3MS, ESOMAR and DPAA)  and is future-compatible with the upcoming cross-platform audience standard (IAB/3MS). This is demonstrated in the context of audience measurement standards history as well as the cross-platform roadmap of the future.

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UK: Roadside Advertising Regulations: Everything you need to know

In some respects, it should come as no surprise that outdoor advertising represents a genuine growth market in 2019. 

Even on a fundamental level, out-of-home (OOH) media is a channel that cannot be switched off, whilst it’s particularly effective when targeting the members of generation Z (56% of whom don’t respond to or click through online adverts).

Whilst the market’s growth has been largely driven by digital ad spending (which increased by 4% in 2019 and peaked at £516 million), there’s also a growing demand for traditional adverts at busy and bustling roadside locations nationwide.

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UK: Out of Home contender CP Media snaps up Eye Airports

UK regional Out of Home company CP Media (owned by Community Partners) has bought Eye Airports which has the advertising and promotion rights for 19 UK airports including Newcastle, Bristol and Exeter.

Eye Airports has 80 digital sites among more than 500 to add to CP Media’s existing portfolio of more than 3000 situated in city and town centre locations.

Eye Airports MD Rachel Davies says: “The next phase of our growth needs considerable investment in data, technology and ever more sophisticated marketing. Becoming part of CP Media with its expertise, energy, enthusiasm and experience will give the Eye team the tools to take our unique, targeted media opportunities to an even wider audience.”

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USA: Anna Bager Says Out of Home is a Hot Medium

Today’s podcast guest is Anna Bager, President and CEO of the Out of Home Advertising Association of America.  Anna talks about growing up with billboards, why out of home is a hot medium, why she joined the OAAA, where out of home is doing a good job and where it needs to improve.

Tell us about your father and billboards

My father has a farm in the very south of Sweden very close to the bridge that goes between Sweden and Denmark…for the most of the time he had 4 billboards on his land.  So I grew up with conversations at the dinner table.  Sometimes very positive.  Sometimes not so positive when they came in during harvest…It was a nice extra source of income to the farm.

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USA: Vibenomics, SafeGraph Partnership Adds Music, Location Targeting To DOOH

Vibenomics recently unveiled a newly formed Audio Out-of-Home Ad Marketplace headed by former Emmis Communications executive Paul Brenner, chief strategy officer. This week the cloud-based custom business music service will announce a unique partnership with SafeGraph.

SafeGraph, a company that provides location data for business listings in the U.S., will support Vibenomics ad spots sold to national advertisers for audio commercials heard across its clients’ in-house controlled radio stations.

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Canada: Fleischer Says Blip Democraticizes Out of Home Buying

Last week Blip appointed Daniel Fleischer as General Manager Blip Canada and VP of International Publisher Marketing.  Insider talked with Fleischer about automated out of home buying.

How did you get involved with the out of home business?

I was introduced to it by the folks at Broadsign 10 years ago.  I was doing North American Sales there.  Then I was the first commercial hire at Ayuda.  I did the sales thing, then general business development and added the marketing hat.

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Canada: PETA taking Toronto to court after city removes anti-Canada Goose ads

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) case against Toronto will be heard in court today, which alleges the city violated the animal rights organization’s rights by removing its anti-Canada Goose ads.

The ads, which were located at several bus shelters around the city, called for a boycott against Canada Goose and pointed out that geese and coyotes are killed for their feathers and fur which are used in the company’s jackets.

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New Zealand: Third Quarter Strongest So Far in 2019

The Out-of-Home Media Association of New Zealand (OMANZ) reported today the continued growth of the out-of-home sector with net media revenue in the July-September 2019 period increasing by 22% year on year. OMANZ member revenues were reported as $36.07m in Q3 2019 up from $29.53m in the same period in 2018.

The Calendar Year to date revenue has increased 18% with members posting $100.14m 2019 versus $84.63m for the same period in 2018.

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Australia: JCDecaux Uses OOH Facial Recognition To Launch Yoplait Yoghurt

JCDecaux has collaborated with Lion Dairy & Drinks and its agencies, AJF Partnership and Starcom, to develop the unique OOH experience for the launch of Yoplait Yoghurt Smoothie “Fix your Hanger” campaign.

A special build panel, located on Sydney’s George Street, will use face-tracking technology where consumers’ facial reactions will be assessed and a voucher dispensed to redeem a free Yoplait Yoghurt Smoothie in a partnered store located in close proximity to the panel.

When a face is detected in proximity to the panel a message is displayed asking passers-by to “Smile or frown for a free smoothie”

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China: Cindy Yan Chan: the evolution of outdoor advertising in China

At the 2019 China Outdoor Advertising Forum on Aug 28, Cindy Yan Chan, chief strategy officer and chief information officer of Focus Media, was invited to give a keynote speech on China’s outdoor ad landscape. Organised by the China Advertising Association and the Qinhuangdao Municipal People's Government, the forum attracted nearly a thousand industry experts, scholars and urban planners.

A formidable figure in the Chinese ad landscape, Chan is also the VP of China Advertising Association and deputy director of Academic Committee of China Advertising Association. Here are a few key takeaways from her speech

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