OOH 'Chambers' in Argentina create the ‘Federal OOH Table’

OOH 'Chambers' in Argentina create the ‘Federal OOH Table’

OOH 'Chambers' in Argentina create the ‘Federal OOH Table’

On November 4, a virtual meeting was held in which different Chambers of Advertising companies dedicated to OOH communication from all over the country participated, and after which it was agreed to create the so-called “Federal OOH Table ”.

Over the next few days, Argentines will be singing the official World Cup song and remembering that everything is better when they are together. And it seems that the country's OOH  companies think the same.

At the meeting on November 4th there were representatives of the Chamber of Advertising Companies on OOH  of Tucumán ( CEPVPT ), of the Mendoza Chamber of OOH ( CAPEM ) , of the Chamber of Advertising on OOH OF Santa Fe  ( CPVPlyAR ), of the Chamber of OOH  Advertising of CÓRDOBA (CAPEC), of the Argentine Association of OOH Advertising Companies ( APE ) and of the Argentine Chamber of OOH Advertising Companies ( CAEPVP ).

The talk served to constitute the so-called “ Federal OOH Table ”: a federal space to promote the prestige, unity and growth of the best advertising companies “ out of home ”, which in Argentina is known as “ public road ”.

The objectives set have to do with the ranking of the external advertising media, the development of ethical, commercial and industrial aspects related to the sector, and the professionalism of the activity, the efforts linked to the different governments ( national, provincial and municipal ) and the promotion of a creative quality standard.

Participants agreed to start a new stage of working together, seeking to consolidate out of home advertising as the protagonist of the future of the media.

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