‘Developing OOH Audience Measurement to meet the Challenges today, and for the future’

‘Developing OOH Audience Measurement to meet the Challenges today, and for the future’

‘Developing OOH Audience Measurement to meet the Challenges today, and for the future’


 Following the launch of The World out of Home Organization’s Global OOH Audience measurement Guidelines at our Toronto Congress last year (available to view and download here), we welcome to the platform at our Lisbon Congress three insightful talks about the continuing developments in OOH Audience measurement from around the world.

 Commonly, OOH audience measurement plays to the repeated travel behaviours of our audiences, driven by commuting, shopping and other leisure activities – however human movement and behaviours changed dramatically during the pandemic, and now continue to grow and evolve – representing that evolution, and reflecting changes in urban infrastructure is a challenge that can be addressed through delivering contemporaneous data to media owners and advertisers. We will hear how that challenge has been accepted in two markets with well-established Audience Measurement systems.

 Additionally, understanding OOH’s position within the wider media mix has long been seen as the opportunity for our medium to step up and take its fair share of the advertisers marketing budget. Cross Media Measurement (CMM) is fraught with challenges in measurement techniques, impression definitions, and quantifying the relative valuation of media channels. We will hear how, by working in partnership with other media channels, OOH can take a seat at the top table to deliver the metrics that advertisers are calling out for – this is the future for all of us and we can be prepared by collaborating and learning from each other.

 Dylan Mabin – President, Geopath (US) - Addressing the challenges of delivering robust, credible, and universal OOH Audience Measurement for the World’s largest OOH market.

  1. The need for contemporizing of audience data to reflect post-covid change and recovery of OOH audience.
  2. Updating the audience journey behavioral model to better reflect OOH campaign reach across US markets.
  3. Increasing data granularity for DOOH measurement for effective audience planning and automated trading techniques

 Denise Turner – CEO, Route Research / Mark Flood - Global Head of OOH, Ipsos (Global) - The evolution of OOH Audience Measurement in the GB marketplace through advanced technology and data modelling

  1. Contemporising of audience metrics to reflect post covid behaviors and audience volumes.
  2. Enhancing respondent tracking beyond GPS to include all indoor and underground journeys
  3. Delivering a deeper understanding of pedestrian movement, and its effect on DOOH viewability

 Mats Rönne – Chair, Outdoor Impact (Sweden) - Developing a common approach for advertisers to be able to compare different media channels – Cross Media Measurement with OOH from the inside.

  1. A CMM certification programme across buyers and sellers
  2. Common trading practices and understanding the measurement differences between the three media universes
  3. Understanding the dangers of mixing incompatible metrics in media evaluation

The session will be introduced by Gideon Adey who works with WOO as their Audience Measurement Consultant.

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