World OOH News April 12th 2024

World OOH News April 12th 2024


Your last chance as a WOO Member to make a nomination for the WOO Awards 2024 - NOMINATIONS CLOSE NEXT WEDNESDAY

The WOO Awards 2024 will be presented during the next Annual Congress (June 5th -7th) in HONG KONG on the first full day of Congress – Thursday June 6th  This is your last chance as a WOO Member to make a nomination for the WOO Awards 2024 - NOMINATIONS CLOSE NEXT WEDNESDAY. 



WOO Future Leaders gears up for Hong Kong Global congress

The World Out of Home Organization is showcasing its second Future Leaders Delegate Initiative at the 2024 Global Congress in Hong Kong, to be held on June 5-7. The Future Leaders initiative was launched at the Lisbon Global Congress in 2023 with eight successful applicants.



Charting new territories

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising or the enhanced programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) advertising, demonstrates the most substantial influence on brand recall. This ranges from 46% to 84%, according to Kantar Media Reactions research. It emphasises why brands are progressively acknowledging the value of investing in focused campaigns, and why over 40% of global advertising expenditure is being placed here.


Navigating Uncertainty: The Enduring Value Of Out-Of-Home Advertising In Challenging Times

In an era marked by economic volatil­ity and shifting consumer behaviors, businesses are grappling with tough decisions regarding their advertising budgets. As a Media Analyst, I have witnessed firsthand the cyclical nature of economic downturns and their impact on market­ing strategies. Amidst the uncertainty, one form of advertising continues to stand re­silient: Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising.


The Power of Hyperlocal: A Retail Media Owner's Guide

In today’s competitive environment, capturing attention and driving engagement – whether in stores, pubs, restaurants, or other customer-facing spaces – requires a smarter approach. Static signage simply can’t compete with the power of personalisation. 


My Digital Hero: Fiona FitzGibbon, Founder, Diversiffi Media

Fiona FitzGibbon is Founder, Diversiffi Media and partner at The Out of Home Media Consultancy.  In the Digital Out of Home media sector, there are many whose visionary strides have redefined possibilities and shaped the industry. As ‘digital heroes’ among them stands not 1 but 2, they go hand-in-hand.


Gas Pumps and Elevators: Unlikely Heroes in the Ad Space Odyssey.

Join us as we dissect the meteoric rise of DOOH advertising, with projections showing a staggering increase to over $15.5 billion in global revenue this year alone. Barry Frey, alongside a panel of industry leaders, delves into the digital innovations reshaping the outdoor advertising space, from QR codes and augmented reality to 3D anamorphic displays. 



Green processes in B2B: Businesses need to walk the walk

Sustainability is now a driving force for brands everywhere. Years ago, only select niche brands offered eco-friendly options yet now leaders understand how imperative ESG practices are for both reducing their carbon footprint and improving operational efficiency.


DOOH: the most sustainable advertising platform for brands compared to other major media

When we add new locations to our European OOH portfolio, every site follows a specific protocol to ensure it meets our sustainability criteria. Our development blue print is guided by an evidence based audit which has overhauled how digital out of home (DOOH) screens are procured and operated since they first appeared 15 or so years ago.



Out of Home takes first place in Environment and Community across ESG indicators versus other media channels, according to the ‘OOH & ESG’ report from our industry body Outsmart OOH.



New Mainstage Speakers and Agenda Updates for OAAA's 2024 OOH Media Conference

Ahead of the 2024 OOH Media Conference in Carlsbad, CA from April 29 – May 1, 2024, the OAAA unveiled new notable speakers joining the mainstage lineup, and shared additional details into the Independent Media Companies Track and Town Hall. New additions to the agenda include Sophie Kelly, SVP of Global Tequila and Mezcal Categories, Diageo and John Solomon, Chief Marketing Officer, Therabody. Register today, before the event sells out.


Recap of IAB and OMA Powering Digital Out of Home Conference

We are thrilled to reflect on the success of yesterday's Powering Digital Out of Home conference, held in collaboration with IAB. A heartfelt congratulations is in order for all the esteemed speakers and attendees whose contributions made this event a remarkable and enlightening experience. Here's a comprehensive overview of the key highlights.



Ari Buchalter on Out of Home Measurement

At last week’s IBO Spring 2024 conference, Place Exchange CEO Ari Buchalter talked about the importance of impression measurement and the pending release of out of home measurement standards by the MRC.  We’ve excerpted his comments here.


Paul Sigaloff on MOVE 2.0's 'imminent' launch and TV's decline

“Whilst we – that’s a big assumption, I mean me – may wake up in the morning and we think about out-of-home … customers don’t always share that same perspective.” Paul Sigaloff, chief revenue and growth officer at oOh!media, has taken a jab at linear TV, suggesting the digital evolutions causing problems for other mediums are not disturbing out-of-home.



The (many) advantages of a DOOH planning tool

Programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) advertising has emerged as a game-changer in reaching target audiences out of the home in an effective and efficient manner. To maximize the potential of DOOH campaigns, adopting a sophisticated planning and forecasting tool is paramount to a seamless process and delivery.


A new dawn for the OOH industry

Karan Singh, General Manager UK, Vistar Media is a man on a mission. A mission to forge a new future for out of home advertising. Singh is an adtech veteran who played a large role in shaping the development of the UK’s programmatic advertising market while at Xandr and at Microsoft following its purchase of Xandr in 2021. 


Why programmatic DOOH is an essential component in your media mix

Programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH), or pDOOH, is the automated process of buying and selling DOOH ad placements. This enables brands to target locations where an audience naturally moves throughout their day, capturing the right kind of attention while building successful customer engagement.


'A massive result!' Flexibility of programmatic DOOH campaign helps Mad Mex drive a 9% uplift in restaurants

Fast food chain Mad Mex was able to drive a 9 per cent uplift in sales in restaurants within a proximity of its latest programmatic digital out-of-home campaign that also demonstrated the flexibility and agility of the channel. Just as importantly, digital efficiency helped to extend the life of the campaign.


Programmatic DOOH Satisfaction Ramps Up But Education And Experience Needed To Drive Growth

More education and experience is needed to supercharge the usage of programmatic DOOH according to new research released today by IAB Australia.  Attitudes to DOOH Advertising, which seeks to understand the state of play for all digital out of home media trading in Australia, found that 82% of agency respondents used digital OOH as a significant or regularly considered part of their advertising activity in 2024 (up from 69% in 2022). 



Ex-Kinetic Global COO Nick Parker Joins Adtech Start Up Veridooh As President

Nick Parker, former Kinetic Global COO and OOH media leader, has joined the award-winning adtech company Veridooh as its Global President.
Working with the co-CEOs Mo Moubayed and Jeremy Yang, Parker will be responsible for driving the company’s expansion into key new markets as demand for independent OOH verification and OOH automation accelerates globally.



British Stadium DOOH

Last week I went to the north of London and the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. I was there for the spurs game but couldn't help but also be impressed by this state of the art arena and its DOOH focus. 



Best of Outdoor for March

The Best of Outdoor is a monthly selection of local and international Out of Home (OOH) campaigns to fuel your creativity and inspire your next moment of genius. If you would like to be featured in future editions send the OMA your campaign!



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