World OOH News - April 17th 2020

World OOH News - April 17th 2020

World Out of Home Organization canvasses Coronavirus experience and viewpoints from OOH associations worldwide


The third now fortnightly World Out of Home Organization conference call with national and other Out of Home associations took place on Thursday April 16. Represented were associations from all major countries including the US, many in Latin America, Europe and Africa plus India, China and Australia.

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Then, now, and next: OOH and Covid-19


As the great British public have seemingly heeded official advice and OOH audiences have visibly declined in some areas over the last few weeks, the ramifications of social distancing, home working, and government lockdown measures have been felt particularly acutely across the OOH industry.
That said, it is encouraging to see that the broadcast reach of OOH, aligned with local targeting, has been put to good use as one of the primary vehicles for Government messaging on Covid-19.

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How Brands are Transforming Digital OOH to Remain Relevant During the Crisis


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the world and has caused society to create a new normal. Industries all over the world have had to change their typical course of action in order to adjust to this new social and economic climate. While I am aware of the many industries affected by the pandemic, I have been able to watch first-hand how the advertising industry has been transforming during this crisis. 

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Geopath Releasing New Real-time Metrics


Historically, Geopath impressions were used as a forecasting metric in order to predict the audience delivery of an out-of-home (OOH) campaign. They were not intended to provide insights into a campaign’s performance mid-campaign, nor did they signal the final goal and subsequent end of an OOH campaign, as often occurs in other media. 

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Talon Outdoor's Ada platform maps movement of UK population during Covid-19 pandemic

Talon Outdoor is an independent out-of-home [OOH] media specialist and a significant player in its industry. Using analysis from its data management platform Ada, Talon has been able to trace how the UK population has been moving throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Ada receives billions of anonymised location data points each week, which then feed into smart algorithms and create insights into UK audience behaviours. 

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Railway & transit OOH to weather the lockdown setback, say experts


The lockdown prompted by the spread of novel coronavirus in India has brought the RA-OOH (Railway Audio Advertising) to a standstill. Many public modes of transport have been restricted nationwide and major transit OOH mediums like bus stands will go unnoticed during this period. The lockdown has taken a toll on all media industries and OOH properties have been hit hard.


What Out of Home Advertising might look like post Pandemic

DPAA CEO Barry Frey joins Ad Age in today’s episode to discuss how the digital out-of-home industry is navigating COVID-19.  While OOH ad revenue is certainly taking a hit right now, Frey expects most ad dollars to shift later in the year once people get back outside. The pandemic, he says, will also lead to some innovation in content and a stronger desire for out of home to serve news and entertainment to consumers.

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How COVID-19 restrictions roll off and what it means for out of home.

Many countries in Europe are rolling back stay-at-home restrictions as they bring COVID-19 under control.  Here’s what it looks like. Austria is allowing small shops to open effective April 14 with other shops and hairdressing salons to open May 1 and restaurants/hotels to open in Mid-May.  Events are banned until the end of June.  People must wear facemasks to supermarkets and on public transport.

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3 Examples of Successful COVID-19 Content Campaigns


Everyone in our industry more or less agrees on the paramount importance of content in digital communications, regardless of whether that content lives on a kiosk, touchscreen, billboard, or video wall.  But since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, and perhaps to some degree for the foreseeable future, we’re all thinking a bit differently about how and why content is crafted. 

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33 (And Counting) Free COVID-19 PSA Resources Available For Digital Signage And DOOH Networks


t has been a month and change since 16:9 started a list of free content resources that digital signage and digital out of home networks have made available to help share information and offer thanks as this pandemic has spread and worsened. The original post is a long beast of a thing now, with links to all 33 of those resources. I had it stuck at the top of 16:9 for a week or so, but stopped that and it has since had, I dunno, maybe 100 posts follow.

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Welcome to the official United Nations COVID-19 Response Creative Content Hub.


Over a brief two weeks, tens of thousands of artists all across the world have come together to support the United Nations and WHO's efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19. And now we're asking for your support too. You can search for, download, and share work that communicates the UN's six key messages. Thank you to our creators for contributing to the cause and thank you for joining us in our fight against COVID-19.

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Melody Roberts on Billboard Advertising During Covid-19


Melody Roberts, with Out of Home Creative, says she’s been working on various businesses who are advertising mainly on digital billboards and street furniture. She provided input on billboard advertising during COVID-19: “Out-of-home continues to do a tremendous job providing information to the public on COVID-19 updates, restaurants offering pick-up/delivery, in-kind advertising to current clients as well as giving thanks to healthcare and frontline workers that risk their lives every day to save and help others.

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Ocean and The Artisan Drinks Company launch uplifting 'rainbow' campaign throughout the UK


The Artisan Drinks Co. has joined forces with Ocean in a long term collaboration which will support the international roll-out of its innovative craft mixer drinks. The multi-million pound agreement will create widespread awareness for the Artisan Drinks range throughout the UK, showcasing their art and mixology-inspired range of premium tonics, smoked cola and fiery ginger beer.

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Paddy Power Goes the Distance on DOOH with the Crouch


The bookies may be closed and all sporting events cancelled or rescheduled but Paddy Power has utilised Digital OOH as a force for good to remind the public to keep their distance when out of home. Broadcasting for a four-day period across the Tesco Live network, the bookmaker enlisted its famously lanky brand ambassador, Peter Crouch, as a visual prompt on the importance of physical distance.


#MyHeroes Campaign Celebrates Frontline Workers


A nationwide campaign was launched today to pay tribute to workers on the frontline during the Covid-19 pandemic and to highlight their continued hard work and dedication. The #MyHeroes campaign encourages members of the public to show their appreciation to all the essential workers who are keeping the country running during this difficult time, and to share a story or message about them online using the campaign hashtag.

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Download our free covid-19 html5 templates for DOOH


We’re now weeks into our shared isolation, and while some parts of the globe are finding opportunities to make slight reductions in preventative measures, it’s clear that we have to wait a while longer before we get back to normal. That’s one reason why we’re such fans of the ongoing efforts by the OOH community. Around the world, businesses are using screen space to spread useful reminders, updates, and encouragement to audiences all over the world. It’s going to be a big help over the long haul, and we decided we wanted to do our part to further this cause.

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Nigeria: OAAN, APCON institute SOP for OOH advertising industry

The Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN) in association with Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) has entered into partnership aimed at developing a new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to guide the business of Out-of-Home advertising practice in Nigeria. According to OAAN, the objective behind the operating procedure is targeted at developing and maintaining a suitable standard for outdoor advertising practice in Nigeria.

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Australia: XTD acquires oOh!Media's health network

XTD has acquired oOh!Media's health network in a $300,000 cash deal. The national network operates digital displays in 58 medical and dental facilities owned by Idameneo under an exclusive media contract. The deal is central to XTD’s strategy of owning networks in out-of-home and advertising technology.  XTD confirmed it is in discussion with other place based and out-of-home networks.  As well as the acquisition, XTD also announced the launch of MOTIO, a specialist out-of-home media sales company.

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