World OOH News March 8th 2024

World OOH News March 8th 2024


Top speakers from the Africa region at WOO Africa Forum

It's just 3 days to WOO’s first Africa Forum in Cape Town, South Africa. This Forum will give delegates one and a half days of presentations on the Expanding World of Out of Home from Media Owners, Buyers, Tech Suppliers and Clients.


The World Out of Home Organization names Sponsors for Africa Forum in Cape Town from March 11-13.

As we approach the first WOO Africa Forum in Cape Town we are proud to announce our full roster of Sponsors. Our twelve local sponsors include Platinum Sponsors are JCDecaux, Provantage and Tractor Outdoor. 


WOO talk to Moving Walls' Srikanth Ramachandran prior to the Africa Forum

WOO talks to Srikanth Ramachandran of Moving Walls prior to the Africa Forum in Cape Town on March 11th thru 13th 2024. Srikanth shares his thoughts on Digital Transformation some insights into his business and his thoughts on Moving Walls' expansion.



Why brands are tapping into the potential of out of home advertising

Driven by innovations, data-tracking and sustainability, the world of outdoor advertising has limitless potential. Here, Open Media's CEO, Mike Smith, looks at why 2024 is going to be game changer for OOH.


Outsmart hits back at new research linking roadside ads and deprivation

Roadside OOH ads are concentrated in areas with lower disposable income in England and Wales, according to new research..This excluded outdoor sites in shopping centres, supermarkets, airports, motorway service stations, inside train stations and on buses or trains.


Top 5 Trends to watch in Digital Signage in 2024

Annually, industries forecast the key trends for the forthcoming year, and the digital signage sector is no different. Indeed, the conversation around digital signage extends beyond mere media players, HDMI cables, and displays.


Stephanie Gutnik on DOOH

An interview with Stephanie Gutnik where we discuss what is different about Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) advertising from other forms of advertising, the challenges and the opportunities


The year ahead for Out of Home

The Out of Home (OOH) advertising industry is on the brink of significant transformations in 2024, with several trends and innovations poised to shape the global media landscape, especially in the GCC and the UAE. 



Beyond the Billboard the first OOH podcast launching in South Africa March 2024

Kirsty Carlson and Livia Brown have joined forces to create South Africa’s first out-of-home advertising podcast. Beyond the Billboard the first OOH podcast launching in South Africa March 2024 This podcast will cover OOH advertising and more across South Africa and Rest of Africa.


Much More than Just a Conference

What started small in 2006, is now the Davos of the digital signage industry: At the end of May, experts from all over the world will meet for DSS Europe 2024. This year, the conference will take place at a new date, offering even more networking opportunities and exclusive insights.



New JCDecaux research underlines the power of airport advertising

Outdoor advertising market leader JCDecaux has today unveiled today its latest research, which underlines the power of advertising in international airports. A key finding is that 77% of flyers have taken at least one action during or after their trip after being exposed to an advertisement in an airport.


OOH: Waiting On MRC Accreditation

The challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic drove rapid innovation and creativity, which led out-of-home media to become one of the fastest-growing channels, said Anna Bager, president and CEO of the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA).


Aotearoa in Motion

OOHMAA undertook this study to explore media consumption and mobility in New Zealand to identify how Out of Home advertising fits into consumers' lives and use these insights to demonstrate how marketers can best leverage Out of Home for maximum impact.


Why monitoring, auditing are imperative for OoH Advertising

A seasoned marketing communications professional and Chief Media Analyst and Managing Consultant at P+ Measurement Services and TMKG Consulting, Philip Odiakose, has stated that monitoring and auditing will always remain key for practitioners in Out- of -Home (OoH); since they offer the opportunity to measure Return on Investment (RoI) with greater precision.



Revenue growth through automation: Highlights from our panel at the Broadsign Connect 2024 Summit

roadsign recently hosted a panel discussion at our Broadsign Connect 2024 Summit in Barcelona, where we invited out-of-home (OOH) experts to share their insights and perspectives on how automation for direct selling can help media owners improve their bottom lines. 


Programmatic digital out-of-home: How to get started and deliver results

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising packs a different punch with strategically located, virtually unmissable advertising screens, offering vast creative potential.


Why do marketers choose pDOOH?

For the second year in a row, JCDecaux, the UK’s leading out-of-home media owner, has released new research into the programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) landscape in the UK. 



blowUP media expands The Collective in Rotterdam with two unique LED screens for 3D content and multi-product advertising

blowUP media Benelux is launching two spectacular LED screens in Rotterdam – Alexandrium Shopping Center. Both digital landmarks are part of the Digital Out of Home network The Collective® and add value to the shopping center. ALEX, the large-format three-sided 21 m2 digital screen that comes down from the ceiling, is ideally suited for multi-product or multi-feature advertising.


Stroer achieves a record level of revenue in 2023 and forecasts a strong first quarter with growth of up to 15% for OOH

The preliminary, unaudited financial results for Ströer SE & Co. KGaA in 2023 show that it had another successful year. Consolidated revenue improved by 8%, from EUR 1.77b to EUR 1.91b, making it the highest level of revenue in the Company's history. EBITDA (adjusted) was up by 5%, rising from EUR 541m to EUR 569m. Free cash flow (adjusted) soared by 60%, from EUR 50m to EUR 81m.



6 tips to create eye-catching out-of-home ads

In our digital-first world, out-of-home media is often overlooked by advertisers in favour of pursuing online marketing efforts. This represents a huge missed opportunity, as outdoor advertising is one of the most effective ways to engage with customers and inspire them to take action.


Things are about to get weird - why advertisers should embrace humour and surrealism

Let’s be honest, a lot of the news and media we consume now is dark, depressing, even dystopian. One natural by-product of a relentless stream of bad news is that audiences crave escapism. It’s therefore not surprising that we are increasingly seeing a wave of joy, humour and a significant dash of surrealism make a comeback in advertising.



Ocean Outdoor and Branded Cities debut transatlantic OOH live fashion spectacle

The world’s most famous Out of Home advertising landmarks hosted the first-ever transatlantic live stream presented by the luxury fashion label Tom Ford from Milan Fashion Week.



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