World OOH News September 15th 2023

World OOH News September 15th 2023


Sustainable LED digital screen hardware from Absen. Next Member Webinar on Tuesday October 10th at 1.00pm UK (BST)

Global climate change has increased awareness of the need for LED digital screen manufacturers to provide environmentally sustainable, and where possible, carbon neutral solutions. Absen, a  leading worldwide LED display solution provider has acknowledged and accepted the social responsibility that comes with this requirement.WATCH THIS WEBINAR TO SEE THEIR APPROACH.



WOO's second APAC Regional Forum in Bali - Click on here for Registration and Venue details

WOO is to hold its second APAC Regional Forum later this year. The Forum will be held in Bali, Indonesia from November 1-3. The Forum Venue is the Conrad Bali Hilton, Jalan Pratama 168 Tanjung Benoa, Bali, 80363, Indonesia. Click here to register for the forum as well as access a special forum hotel rate.



Why Billboards Still Matter

Perhaps nothing is quite as iconic as the billboard within the world of advertising - our beloved, towering monoliths of visual communication and opulence. A driver of culture, billboards have helped to shape cultural dialogues since their inception.


The Reality of OOH Today: 'The Complete Marketing Tool for Brands'

Chief client officer at Kinetic WW Nicole Lonsdale speaks to LBB as part of a partnership with Mobsta about staying at the forefront of changes in society, educating brands on the capabilities of out of home and balancing emissions with ROI.


Marketing the Marketers: Martin Corke, CMO, Clear Channel UK

NDA has launched a new series on NDA, Marketing the Marketers, talking to the marketing and comms leaders behind the success of our leading companies. Next up is Martin Corke, Chief Marketing Officer, Clear Channel UK.


Ad Fraud's Kryptonite? The Trustworthy and Very Real World of DOOH

With rebuilding trust in advertising a crucial issue, UniLED's CEO Ben Zloof looks at the role DOOH can play. While no channel is immune to ad fraud, DOOH remains far less susceptible. This is because it was designed for one thing only: to deliver ads and do it in the real world.


What can marketers learn from Phil Collins in challenging times?

Clear Channel strategist Colin Horan argues turbulent times present a golden opportunity for brands, and broadcast reach is more important now than ever before.



Almost Half OOH Advertising Revenue Goes Back Into The UK Economy

A new report from PwC, commissioned by Outsmart, finds the UK Out of Home (OOH) sector contributed £411m to support public services, infrastructure, communities and employees in 2021 – representing 46% of its advertising revenue.

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blowUP media expands partnership with Justdiggit

blowUP media Benelux, part of Ströer, is extending its long-term partnership with Justdiggit. With immediate effect, all campaigns, both on Premium Plus digital screens and classic (scaffold advertising), will be offset through Justdiggit’s greening projects in Africa. In addition, funds are raised to support Justdiggit in its operations in Africa. 


Recycling And Bus Stops - What Does Recycling Have To Do With A Bus Stop?

Partnering with municipalities and transit authorities to provide cost-free infrastructure. What does recycling have to do with a bus stop? Glad you asked. Hold on to that breakfast burrito wrapper while we dive in.



How Social Media Amplifies Visual Trickery run on real DOOH LED Screens

How Social Media Amplifies Visual Trickery run on real DOOH LED Screens: This video presentation features Catherine Morgan, Managing Director of Ocean Labs, which has its own forced perspective technology called deepscreen, and Pia Petersen, Managing Director at Ocean Outdoor Denmark. 


Why I don't care about generative AI in the Ad industry... well not especially

Right, let’s tackle this straight on, the ethics of generative AI are incredibly important. As advertising practitioners we all have an ethical responsibility for the content our industry puts out and how it is distributed, particularly in the way it protects and respects personal identity. 



When it comes to attention 'many a mickle, makes a muckle'

Route Research’s general manager Euan Mackay responds to the latest Lumen attention study and asks: does attention need to be grabbed all at once? Or is it as effective built up over time?


MOVE calls out for expressions of interest for 2.0 data integration

MOVE (Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure) is calling for expressions of interest (EOI) from data research organisations and/or media data software vendors currently serving (or having an interest in serving) Out of Home (OOH) advertisers, their agencies and/or OOH contractors, for the purpose of integrating MOVE data into their own products and software.


How OOH Measurement Allows Use of Out of Home at All Stages of Funnel

Out of home (OOH) advertising has long been recognized as a top-of-funnel marketing strategy due to its wide reach, brand-building capabilities, and real-life visibility. Historically, however, OOH measurement, or measuring the effectiveness of OOH campaigns, posed significant challenges, leading to limited insights and credibility. 


Talon and Mediaplus Partner in North America to Unlock Innovative and Effective Out of Home for Advertisers

Talon, the global independent Out of Home (OOH) media company, today announced that it has formed a strategic North American partnership with Mediaplus to develop and execute data-driven, creative, and measurable OOH campaigns for advertisers.


'Mid, single digit growth is back': ad spending's new normal looks strikingly familiar

Advertising’s new normal looks more like the old one than observers initially thought. Contrary to the earlier panic, there hasn’t been an advertising recession. Instead, it looks like ad spending is heading back to those mid-single digit levels we saw back in the 2010s, almost like the past three years of chaos didn’t even happen. 



One in seven brands 'creating new budgets' for programmatic OOH

UK advertisers plan to increase spend on programmatic digital out-of-home (prDOOH) by an average of 31% in the next 18 months, while 15% plan to use the media channel with newly allocated marketing budget, JCDecaux’s tech platform has found.


US advertisers expected to increase programmatic DOOH spend by a third over the next 18 months, however, they want better measurement of campaign effectiveness

VIOOH,  the global digital out-of-home (DOOH) supply-side platform, released its annual research into the programmatic DOOH market. prDOOH ad spend is expected to increase by a third (33%) over the next 18 months.Nearly a third (31%) of US advertisers have included prDOOH in media plans – with more (39%) looking to increase this in the next 18 months.


Vista's Franck Vidal on Programmatic DOOH in APAC

In this engaging conversation, Franck provides an overview of programmatic digital out of home (DOOH), particularly how the medium is currently being leveraged in the APAC region.


Lamar, Vistar partner in airport DOOH advertising

Lamar out-of-home advertising screens are now available for purchase via the Vistar DOOH software platform, according to a press release. The partnership makes Lamar screens available across 25 American airports, with an estimated 55 million weekly impressions across the inventory.



'We've tasted success in OOH, and we are intent on replicating it'

COO of Excitel Varun Pasricha shares why their latest OOH campaign ‘Drive Safely’ encourages people to not use the internet and how it will help in building brand awareness and recall.



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