Audience Measurement Panel

Audience Measurement Panel: Collaboration is key and Q&A Gideon Adey - Gurooh Charmaine Moldrich - Oma Rachana Lokhande - Ioaa Angie Cutter - Tac Media Ichiro Jannai - Hivestack

Audience Measurement: Governance, Funding and Management of large scale measurement Projects - Panel Discussion

WOO consultant Gideon Adey led a further panel on Audience Measurement. Adey was joined by Charmaine Moldrich from the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) in Australia, Rachana Lokhande of the Indian Outdoor Advertising Association (IOAA), Angie Cutter of digital media owner TAC Media in Malaysia and Ichiro T. Jinnai, President of Hivestack but representing trade body DSC in Japan to discuss the governance, funding and management of large scale Audience Measurement projects. 

We are currently uploading recordings of all the presentations as well as speaker slides. This process will be complete early next week. These will be made available to all APAC Forum delegates and WOO Members. Delegates will be emailed with a specific password to access the recordings and slides to download.

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